Spanish, English
1-6 months
Paid by host:

Partial and full grants are available through international open calls for specific programs.

Paid by artist:

Residency fee: US $980
Includes accommodation in private room, working space, use of basic and power tools, support of workshop and residency coordinators, participation in program activities and public presentations. cheLA helps the artists and researchers case by case in the application process to get funded from local and international sources.

Application guidelines:
  • a portfolio
  • a CV
  • a brief text about the expectations toward the residency and if there is a specific project to be developed

to be sent directly to the organizers


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cheLA is a center of contemporary culture open to the community that promotes research and artistic production. The cultural project aims to create a collaborative environment that promotes dialogue between actors of different practices and allows the development of experimental projects.

In its more than 15 years of activity, projects of contemporary art, music, theater, architecture, design, among others, were developed in collaboration with national and international institutions.

Three main conceptual axes cross the different projects and practices that are developed in cheLA: Culture, Technology and Community. Each project is selected and sustained by its potential to be multidisciplinary, open to dialogue and interaction with other projects and with different sectors of society, both local and regional.

cheLA offers local and international creators the possibility of developing research and production projects focused on experimentation.

Residency programs promote an environment of collaboration and experimentation where artists and researchers from different places, practices and contexts share a period of work and connection with the local art scene.


The activities of the residency programs include visits, talks, workshops, exhibitions and public presentations.

Studio Information

The 5000 m2 building has several working, studios and workshops spaces available. The residents are invited to use a 400 m2 shared open studio space, and there are other private and shared spaces depending on the project needs.

Accommodation Information

The building has two housing spaces with 7 rooms. A small apartment with shared kitchen and bathroom, and a big apartment with an important living space, kitchen and two shared bathrooms. Also, the residency has access to a community backyard shared with cheLA’ staff and users.

The residence hosts a maximum of 10 artists together for periods of time that go from two weeks up to six months. The intention is to host a minimum of four artists each time with the aim of facilitating the exchange of experiences and knowledge among the artists besides their individual research and production projects.

Duos and groups accepted. Family applications could be considered depending on occupancy.

Technical Information
  • Digital construction workshop: CNC, laser cutter, 3d printers
  • Wood workshop
  • Screen printing workshop
  • Auditorium (sound/music projects, screenings, etc)
  • Large scale working spaces

cheLA is located 150 meters from the new Civic Center in the City of Buenos Aires, in a neighborhood in the south of the city that has been historically relegated socially and culturally. cheLA prioritizes the elaboration and curatorial approach in its projects that articulate artistic, technological and social interests.

Contact information

Iguazú 451
1437 Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

info [at]