English, Dutch (French, German spoken by host)
2 periods of 3 months, for 2 artists during October & April.
Paid by host:

The residency aims to provide the accommodation, assistance in production, communication and contextualisation and or collaborations/participation in projects. Based on the invitiation funds can be raised to provide a possible production budget based on project proposals.

Paid by artist:

Travel, living, production expenses.

Application guidelines:

Individual artists, cultural producers and duo-artists/couples are eligible to apply for 3 or 6 months : October/November/December or January/February/March. It is possible to host non-artists partners, and other options are negotiable.

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Charlois aan het Water Foundation

Charlois aan het Water Foundation

Residency at the Waterfront (...aan het Water)

Charlois aan het Water is an initiative of Vitibuck Architects and foundation Stedelinks010. The foundation focuses on the urban and social development of the Maashaven, an active harbor area due to a transformation in the coming 20 years. Amongst other projects Charlois aan het Water organizes a residency at the Pavilion ... aan het Water, a former cantina at the waterfront of Maashaven, Rotterdam South. … aan het Water is a new cultural space and residency at Maashaven, the first public spot on the waterfront of Charlois. … aan het Water is open to presentations, exhibitions, meetings and social encounters, focusing on a broad public, interested to experience and share the best of The South with a view of the Rotterdam skyline.

About the residency program
Residency ... at the Waterfront offers 2 artists or other cultural producers the opportunity to work and live at the waterfront of Maashaven. To be involved and engaged in the urban and public context of the South of Rotterdam. The residency focuses on artists and other cultural producers to engage with the area and it surroundings. The harbor area of Maashaven is due to a future transformation from being an active harbor area to becoming a more residential area. The residents are invited to join artistic and cultural activities and public projects within the area of Rotterdam South. Individual project proposals are also welcome. Furthermore, the residents shall be introduced to the large community of artists, initiatives and other cultural producers in the districts of Charlois and Feijenoord.


The artists are invited to make an exhibition(s), join projects or develop and realize their own project(s). The space offers the possibility to organize workshop or other encounters. Artists Talks are a possibility.

Studio Information

The project space/studio space/exhibition space is 50m2, a clean space and needs to be shared. The living room can also be used as a second working space if sharing of the project space is not preferred.

Accommodation Information

The Pavilion (120m2) holds:

  • 2 guest rooms 2x 14m2
  • living room + (professional) project kitchen - 31m2
  • project space/studio space/exhibition space - 50m2
  • 2 toilets (men-women)
  • 1 shower
  • small storage space
  • outdoor area/terrace

The Pavilion is located in an area with a large international artists' community (± 250) and several artists' initiatives such as foundation B.a.d, NAC foundation, Work & Living complex 't O-tje, Studio Pompstraat, W Lf_rt project spaces, foundation Zuidzijde e.a

Technical Information

The residency does not include technical equipment but production support is possible as there are many options in the area. Wifi-internet connection is available.


The residency is located in a pavilion in the harbor area at the Waterfront of Maashaven, at the south side of Rotterdam.

Contact information

Brielselaan 157
3081 AC Rotterdam

kamielverschuren [at]