2 to 6 weeks
Paid by host:

CEC ArtsLink provides support to the host organizations. The kind and amount of support depends on the program. No fee is required from the hosts.

Paid by artist:

CEC ArtsLink provides support to the participating artists and curators. The kind and amount of support depends on the program. No fee is required from the participants.

Application guidelines:

Deadlines vary per program. The upcoming deadline is February 10, 2022 for Art Prospect Network Residencies and Back Apartment Residencies.

ArtsLink International Fellowships:

Back Apartment Residencies:

Art Prospect Network Residencies:

Deadline for Art Prospect Network Residencies and Back Apartment Residencies

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CEC ArtsLink

CEC ArtsLink


CEC ArtsLink, based in New York City, USA and St Petersburg, Russia, advocates and supports transnational cultural mobility and collaboration, empowering artists and arts leaders to engage communities in dialogue and creative projects for a more equitable, compassionate, and sustainable world. We resolutely embrace inclusivity, independent expression, human rights, and the development of civil societies.

The annual program of work includes residencies in St Petersburg, numerous countries in Central Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus, the USA, as well as public events, festivals, artists commissions and online programs.

Transnational Residencies and Fellowships:
Back Apartment Residencies in St Petersburg, Russia: apartment based residencies for artists and curators 2 to 4 weeks

ArtsLink International Fellowships:
Residencies for artists and curators from our partner countries in the USA followed by projects in home country

Art Prospect Residencies:
Research and creative practice residencies in the Art Prospect Network countries


CEC ArtsLink’s focus on socially engaged art ensures that artists and curators are deeply embedded into the host communities. The virtual and in person residencies benefit participants and their host organizations and their communities of artists and general public. Artists and curators further develop their socially engaged practices and participate in public discussions, readings, performances, exhibitions, classes, workshops and other public programs.

Studio Information

Studio varies depending on the program.

Accommodation Information

Accommodations vary depending on the program.

Contact information

28 Hubert Street
New York, NY 10013
United States

Ul. Rubinshteina 6-1
St. Petersburg

info [at]