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Variable (3-4 months)
Paid by host:

Studio space, accomodation, assistance.

Paid by artist:

The CEAC is a non - profit organization and is not being subsidised for the Artist in Residence Program. Therefore there is a residency fee 10000 RMB/month required to be covered by the residents. CEAC provides studio space, living and working accommodation, advice and assistance. Extra costs of individual technical assistance and making a presentation at the conclusion of the residence depend on individual wishes, but are normally inexpensive.

Application guidelines:

CEA offers residency program for various disciplinaries including composers, curators, architects, fashion designers, designers, visual artists and writers. For more information about registration and financing options, please contact them directly via [email protected].


Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

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Chinese European Art Center

The Chinese European Art Cente (CEAC) was founded as a joint venture with the Xiamen University Art College in 1999. The foundation has been initiated by Mrs. Ineke Gudmundsson from the Netherlands with the cooperation of Prof. Qin Jian from the Xiamen University Art College. For more than twenty years, the Chinese European Art Center has hosted and premiered international artists from all over the world. With studios, exhibitions, film festivals, concerts, lectures, workshops and an artists-in-residence program, the CEAC plays a central role in southeast China’s cultural landscape. 
The CEAC is widely known for its pioneering role in China as a non-commercial art space and the excellent guidance it provides for artists conducting research and producing their art at work sites and factories in China.


The CEAC stimulates a cultural and intellectual exchange between residents, local artists and students of Xiamen University. Residents can be invited to give lectures or presentations about their work and guest seminars and workshops for students. 
At the conclusion of their residence, artists are invited to present their research project and new work at the Art Center. The CEAC can also help mediate presentation spots in other cities in China. Based in the Netherlands, the European branch of the CEAC regularly presents the research results of CEAC residents at various locations.
The exhibition space has an area of about 70 square meters. At this simple while carefully-planned place, art pieces are displayed, including sculptures and graphic works. The CEAC exhibition calendar consists of ten to twelve exhibitions annually from invited artists/residents with supplementary programs such as lecture, workshop, festival and outdoor film. And since 2010 large group exhibitions have been held in Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Quanzhou and in Djupivogur, Iceland.

Accommodation Information

The apartments/studios (for one, two persons or a family) are furnished and fully equipped for living and working, including air co, washing machine, telephone, internet, TV and DVD player.

Technical Information

Over the past twelve years, the CEAC has built up an excellent network of factories, work sites and laboratories of all sizes, making it easy for artists to experiment and produce new work. The center can give organizational and technical advice, assist in creating works of art from start to finish, and arrange door-to-door shipment in China and abroad.


CEAC is located at the old historic part of the Siming district with many different small restaurants and a shopping center for small shops, markets and pubs near by the Nanpu Tuo temple. The apartments/studios are located both around the seaside and old harbor, but all very close to the art centre. Xiamen, southeast of China.

Contact information

Siming South Road 400
3rd Floor,
35, 35 361005

info [at]