Spanish, English
3 to 12 weeks in spring or autumn (shorter/longer possible)
Paid by host:

The organizers do not cover any cost but are happy to help with contact information, recommendation, the odd special deal on a rental car etc.

Paid by artist:

Travel cost, food and daily requirements, materials, etc. are to be paid by the resident. It is strongly recommended to get a rental car or a scooter to really enjoy the entire island, although a lot can be done on foot, too. In order to cover basic costs of utilities and upkeep, residents are asked to contribute a minimum of 70€ per person, per week. Each resident, if so inclined, is welcome to make a further donation of either funds or time to maintaining and expanding the casArte experience. This is freely up to the resident and is not in any way mandatory.

Financial uncertainty is by no means a reason not to apply. It is casArte's aim to offer the space to people from all backgrounds so please let the hosts know if the fee is a concern for you and they will try to find a solution. There is also a one-time administration fee of 100€ upon acceptance to the residency. This payment secures your place at casArte and therefore must be received before arrival.

Application guidelines:

A complete application consists of the following documents:

  • Complete application form (saved as a pdf).
  • Letter of intent: A brief statement, explaining why you are interested in CasArte. Highlight what you wish to do while at CasArte (even if it’s just living and breathing) and what you hope to gain from your experience.
  • CV (including volunteer work).
  • Work sample or link to website: Send a creative work sample of no more than 10 images, 15 pages, or 10 minutes of video. Files must be under 10MB total if sent by e-mail. If your data exceeds 10MB, please send a download link (e.g. Dropbox or WeTransfer). It is recommended you upload videos to a web-streaming site such as YouTube or Vimeo (can be password protected)

Please submit your complete application package to the residency coordinator Sabine Willmann, via email: [email protected]

Ongoing, apply at least 6 months in advance.

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casArte El Hierro

casArte El Hierro

Bimbache openART

Bimbache openART / Asociación Bimbache P.O.C.S. is a registered non-profit and non-government organization dedicated to sustainable ecological, technological and socio-cultural development. Members and associates include leading artists, scientists, thinkers, representatives of different spiritual traditions, politicians, organizations of disabled persons and regular people around the world.

Laboratory of human sustainability:

Once a year Bimbache openART creates a festival in El Hierro. Artists from different places come, live and work together with people from the island. The purpose is to connect professionals, community-based artists, students and regular people in a live-and-learn experience so as to investigate sustainable possibilities of music and arts as a vehicle for social activism and civic engagement.

The annual BIMBACHE openART summer laboratory and global academy offers open spaces, interdisciplinary round tables (tagoror), workshops and courses designed not only to improve technical skills but also to increase our understanding of the human being. The intention is to illuminate various ways in which artists and others can define and support their own course of creative activism and shape their own personal strategies for progressive social change.


casArte El Hierro, the Zero Meridian Art Space, is a sanctuary for artists and thinkers to question and expand personal boundaries of perception. The residency program provides a place to connect with like-minded practitioners of other disciplines and cultures as well as with El Hierro’s sustainable way of living, its community and the art of nature. The hosts provide a space where people can reconnect and come into action to work together for the biosphere, humanity and peace.

The residency program is open to people of all ages and backgrounds, and the hosts welcome all those who are looking for space and time to explore new forms of interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration. Or who simply seek to expand their own creative inclinations.

casArte's vision is:

  • to create an environment and offer the facilities conducive to creative work, integrated with the natural surroundings and community, a place to experience new perspectives and acquire new references.
  • to promote international collaboration and networking, to bring together people from all walks of life to share and promote El Hierro’s ecological way of living as well as its rich natural and historic heritage, and to further its development as a beacon for ecological and cultural sustainability.
  • to provide and nurture a safe place where representatives of all disciplines and cultures can leave their customary comfort zone and encounter each other as a source of mutual inspiration.
  • to preserve the local artistic heritage, to restore the old while developing new skills, practices and traditions of community self-reliance.
  • to embrace and emphasize the experimental, the unsure, the insecure, the undefined and unexpected states of creativity.


Residencies at casArte are self-directed. casArte offers no formal calendar or program. Residents must take it upon themselves to decide the level of their productivity and participation. casArte invites and encourages residents to present the work done during the residency at the annual Bimbache openART festival.

casArte is collaborating with universities and other institutions connected to art, sustainability and science. The organization recently signed a convenium with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Castilla-La Mancha and strive to collaborate with other institutions to give students and teachers worldwide the opportunity to benefit from the unique qualities of our beautiful island of El Hierro. Applicants who are interested in this collaboration should feel free to contact the casArte staff.


While casArte does not insist on a final exhibition at the end of one’s stay, the hosts do ask that participants present a small talk about their work and practice. For those who are not involved in the arts this is not mandatory. Other events or exhibitions may be organized by the residents – in harmony with the wishes of the other guests of course – to which the organizational aid of casArte and other local organizations is available. Participants are also invited and encouraged to leave a video presentation/testimonial on casArte blog.

Studio Information

The space can be used for music, painting, sculpture, writing, research, retreat/meditation. It is not big enough for performing arts such as dance but the surrounding nature can provide for that and a larger space for yoga, dance etc. can be provided at El Sitio in La Frontera upon request.

Accommodation Information
  • 3 bedrooms:1x 2 individual beds; 1x double bed; 1x single bed
  • 1x sofa in the bodega / gallery
  • 2 work /living rooms
  • 1 kitchen with eating area
  • 2 bathrooms
  • various outdoor spaces and terraces

Groups up to 6 persons are welcome. Partners and family are welcome under the condition that everyone will somehow be involved - discuss this in advance with the hosts.

Technical Information

Wi-fi and basic painting materials are available, everything else that is needed must be brought by the residents.


casArte is located in the heart of El Golfo, the one-of-a-kind natural marvel between Mt. Malpaso and the Atlantic on the island El Hierro. The Art Space in the tiny village of Los Llanillos, part of the municipality of La Frontera, is an initiative of the independent non-profit association Bimbache P.O.C.S., creators of El Hierro’s renowned and collaborative openART festivals.

The island of El Hierro, base for the BIMBACHE openART project, has been UNESCO world biosphere reserve since the year 2000.

Contact information

Calle Pata la Yegua 10
38913 Los Llanillos TF

sabinwill [at]