1 - 12 months
Paid by host:

Granted educational programme.

Post-graduate residency for artists.

Grant for 1 year: 750€/month + accommodation.

Grants are available for citizens of the European Union and, exceptionally, other countries.

The candidates have to be under 40 years old at the moment of submitting their candidature.

Casa de Velázquez, in collaboration with other institutions, town halls, councils, autonomys, foundations or private entities proposes other scholarships and residences for artists. The profile of the candidates, the duration of the residence and the endowment of the scholarship varies according to the collaborating institutions.

Application guidelines:

In the framework of Académie de France in Madrid for the year 2021-2022, the Académie welcomes artists who wish to develop an artistic creation work in the Iberian Peninsula, in the different disciplines represented: architecture, visual arts (drawing, engraving, painting, sculpture), video art, cinema, musical composition, photography.

Applicants will be required to provide a complete CV with an artistic record (reproduction of some recent work), as well as a detailed presentation of the
project. Any candidate over the age of 18 can apply, without any nationality requirement. The files must be sent, through the online platform, by Friday, December 4, 2020 at 13:00 (Madrid time).

Candidates selected on file will be summoned to an audition - in French - at the Académie des Beaux-Artsin Paris. The list of 13 artists for the year 2021-2022 will be drawn up after deliberations and decision of the Artistic Council, the composition of which is detailed in Article 2 of the Internal Regulations of the Casa de Velzquez.

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Casa de Velázquez

Casa de Velázquez


Casa de Velázquez is both a centre for artistic creation and a centre for research. It is run by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Since its foundation in 1928 it has included both an artistic section and a scientific section. Casa de Velázquez's mission is to carry on creative activities and research relating to the arts, languages, literatures and societies of Spain and Iberian and Ibero-American countries.

Its tasks also include assisting in the training of artists, researchers and teacher/researchers and taking part in the development of artistic and scientific exchanges between France and the other countries concerned.

Casa de Velàzquez selects for one year periods, renewable for one further year, pre- or post-doctoral researchers working in the area of Human and Social Sciences in fields relevant to the geographical areas of interest. The artists—recruited for the same period—are accommodated at the residence. Any disciplines—painting, sculpture, engraving, architecture, musical composition, cinema and photography—may be represented. Casa de Velázquez also grants short-term scholarships (for artists, researchers and pre- and post-doctoral students).

Casa de Velázquez offers rooms to artists (architects, filmmakers, composers, photographers, plastic artists and video artists) whose trajectory, together with the quality of the project, justify a stay in Madrid. Around 30 artists are welcomed each year for stays between one month and one year. Casa de Velázquez directly funds part of these residences (members, specific grants), while collaborative scholarships are funded by public or private institutions.

Studio Information

17 studios for artists.

Accommodation Information

33 rooms, 40-70 m2.

Technical Information

The artists have acces to technical rooms like a music studio, engraving workshop, photographic laboratory. There is a computer room freely available to members, scholars and guests.

Contact information

Calle Paul Guinard 3, Ciudad Universitaria
28040 Madrid M

info [at]