Greek, English
2 weeks to 2 months
Paid by host:

Return ticket to Corinth and accommodation are covered.

Application guidelines:

By invitation only!

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CAP/ Corinth Art Platform Residency

CAP/ Corinth Art Platform Residency

Corinth Art Platform residency

CAPres is the artist-in-residence programme of Corinth Art Platform. CAPres supports artistic research centred on the ethics of hospitality and social design. The aim is to reflect collectively on the role of the artist as a temporary resident. What is the deeper meaning of Artist-in-Residence programmes around the world? Are the participants really just residents, or rather guests, intruders, strangers, mere provocateurs, or something else entirely?
There are no formal rules or expectations for participating artists, except that they have to be ‘present’ in the public space of the city in their own creative manner. Current political debates and social conditions, clichés, stereotypes and more, contribute to an enriching exchange between the residents and the hosts.

CAPres is not for those who feel comfortable using a pseudo-artistic language of feigned engagement, but for those who are ready to break away from well-established institutional codes of art production. CAPres is ready to work with artists and curators who dare to question their social skills and to push the boundaries of their artistic practice.

Contact information

Erythraias 6
20100 Corinth

corinthartplatform [at]