English, Norwegian, Spanish, Catalan, French
One month minimum to two months maximum
Paid by host:

Can Serrat offers a Full Grant to 6 creators (3 writing projects, and 3 contemporary art projects), and a limited number of partial aid support stipends (# 1, # 2, # 3), for a duration of 1 month minimum to 2 months maximum.

Value of the residency: 2881 € / 1 month*

  • Partial aid support stipend # 1: Shared room *: 570 € / 1 month and Private room: 930 € / 1 month
  • Partial aid support stipend # 2: Shared room *: 930 € / 1 month and Private room: 1,290 € / 1 month
  • Partial aid support stipend # 3: Shared room *: 1,290 € / 1 month and Private room: 1,650 € / 1 month

[The grants do not include travel expenses.]

* Shared bedroom. Shared by a maximum of 3 persons.

Paid by artist:

The selected artists are responsible for all extra personal living expenses, travel and insurance costs, telephone charges and any other expenses during their stay.

Application guidelines:

Residency program is divided between the 4 seasons, so applicants can apply depending on the time of the year they'll be available. Please check their website to see the upcoming calls.

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Can Serrat - Art Residency

Can Serrat - Art Residency


Can Serrat, approximately 1187 square meters, is a classic old Catalan farmhouse. The space functions as a community where people from different cultures, fields, and topics of research can work on their own process, meet and exchange under the same roof. Located in the beautiful environment of El Bruc, a small village that skirts the mountain of Montserrat and is just forty-five kilometers from Barcelona, the house provides various spaces and workshops for working in an awe-inspiring surrounding natural environment. A pleasant walk along paths and trails leads one from the house to the foot of the mountain, where one can enjoy a spectacular view of Les Agülles, or The Needles, of Montserrat.
The activities organized reflect an interest in being present to processes, production, research, question, doubt, understanding, curiosity, and debate. The house organizes ongoing projects that everyone is welcome to participate in during their stay here. These include, but are not limited to, a selected residency program for contemporary art and writing projects, a local nonprofit organization called Els Amics de Can Serrat that organizes activities within the local context, a co-op for local and ecological products called Roca Verda, and a non profit organization called Be Sport. Every month the house welcomes and organizes different activities in order to activate the research of the projects in production: sound recorded debates proposed by residents themselves, a dinner in which they invite village locals to have a cultural exchange with the household, projects’ presentations, a book club in which they share resources by reading excerpts and texts in various languages, ping pong tournament and visits to relevant cultural project spaces and other residencies.
About the residency program: The jury of each call selects and invites a limited number of projects to participate in the residency program for a duration of 1 month minimum to 2 months maximum (see conditions). Through the calls published throughout the year, Can Serrat offers a Full Grant to 6 creators (3 writers and 3 visual artists) and a partial aid support stipends to a limited number of artists (# 1, # 2, # 3).


  • A private or shared room during the residency (depending on chosen preference).
  • Shared working space for the duration of the residency.
  • Access to shared spaces (kitchen, toilets, bathrooms, etc).
  • Food (half-board).
  • Access to all equipment (printmaking studio, sound recording equipment, projectors).
  • Possibility to organize workshop/debate in the residency.
  • Promotion through social media.
  • Human and technical resources.
  • Access to El Bruc’s City Council exhibition space to organize a show at the end of the residency (optional).
  • Connections with the local cultural scene.
  • Publication in the annual catalog about project worked on while at the residency

No specific themes are asked to be part of the program, yet each jury expected the applicants to consider the rural context of Can Serrat, as well as an interest for communities, processes, agriculture and ecology.

  • Possibility to organize workshop / debate in the residency.
  • Promotion through social media.
  • Human and technical resources.
  • Access to El Bruc’s City Council exhibition space to organize a show at the end of the residency (optional).
  • Connections with the local cultural scene.
  • Publication in the annual catalog about project worked on while at the residency.
Studio Information
  • An antique wine cellar, located on the ground floor, (260 m2) has been converted into multi-use studio with facilities for printmaking and performance.
  • 2 shared multi-use and inter-disciplinary studios (35 and 75 m2), all located on the first floor. During months of highest occupancy, please be aware that studio space will be limited (approx 15m2 per artist).
  • 1 sound recording studio (50m2) on the first floor – access possible regarding project and after a first initiation.
  • Please share studio space and common materials according to occupancy and respect other artists’ privacy and creative process while working in the studios.
  • Ample outdoor workspace (both covered and open).
  • Basic knowledge level is required to use the studio unless during a workshop situation in which an experienced printmaker supervises the activities.
  • Manual printing press (80 cm wide), blankets and a paper press. Various basic tools are available for use, but it is suggested that experienced printmakers bring their own tools.
  • Please note the printmaking studio is NOT set up for acid etching.
  • Equipment which can be used freely by all artists includes: easels, drawing boards, wood stretchers, projector, sewing machine and various tools.
  • Materials which must be brought or purchased locally are inks, plates, varnish, personal specific tools, paper, canvas, paints, brushes, etc
Accommodation Information

12 rustic and charming bedrooms of various sizes, for single, double, triple or quadruple accommodation. Linen and towels are provided upon arrival and residents can use the washing machine located in the bathroom area to wash their sheets, towels, and other personal items during their stay. It is expected that each individual clean their bedroom during their stay and before departure. Community bathroom with sinks, 3 private toilets, and two private showers is available on the ground floor, and cleaned on a daily basis on weekdays, as well as other common spaces like reception, living room, kitchen, etc.

Local basic food supplies are provided every week – 6 individual ingredients are chosen in a list that need to be filled every week so the food supplies can be delivered. Rest of supplies are shared with all artists (pasta, rice, butter, coffee, tea, cereals, oranges, onions, bread, etc). Any extra or specific food and personal necessities can be purchased in the town of El Bruc and residents can use the refrigerators located in the dining room to store food items. There are also a number of restaurants located in and near the village that offer lunch menus at very affordable price. A microwave, toaster, water boiler, and coffee machine (tea and coffee provided) are also available in the kitchen for use throughout the day.

Regarding public events organised (meeting point, invitation to a local artist, critic session, concert, open studio ..), the team prepares food for the occasion and artists are of course invited to eat and help!


Can Serrat is located in a rustic farmhouse just 45 kilometres outside Barcelona, within the confines of Montserrat Natural Park. The house is situated at the foot of Montserrat, a mountain mass which is unique due to its spectacular natural forms. The area, very popular with hikers and climbers, has been a Natural Park since 1987 - Just five minutes walk from the village of El Bruc. In the village, you will find bars, restaurants, shops, a swimming pool, a pharmacy and a bank. Just up the hill from Can Serrat is El Bruc's beautiful romanesque church.

Contact information

Masia Can Serrat
08294 El Bruc, Barcelona B

canserratart [at]