Czech, English
1-2 months
Paid by host:

Accommodation, studio spaces, utilities & administrative costs, internet service and a stipend.

Paid by artist:

Travel, material, meals.

Application guidelines:

Artists are selected through an Open Calls that organised every year. Information on current calls is available at the Brno House of Arts website:

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Brno House of Arts

Brno House of Arts


The Brno House of Arts has been a constituent of Brno culture for over one hundred years. Since World War II it has been strictly oriented on progressive contemporary art and 20th century art. It is an open modern institution mediating and stimulating contacts between artists and audiences.

Since 2016 the residency programme has become one of the key constituents of the Brno House of Arts concept. The Brno Artists in Residence has been launched with the aim to to develop opportunities for an exchange of ideas and opinions between the Czech and international arts scenes. The international residency programme is conceived as medium for the realisation of artistic projects and a format for artistic activities and research projects mapping the environment and introducing new stimuli. The program is addressed to artists, curators and researchers in the field of contemporary art that will find accommodation in the third floor of the House of the Lords of Kunštát, fully equipped.

Residents will be incorporated within the Brno House of Arts regular programme events. Contacts within our broader collaboration scheme include other arts institutions, schools, galleries and museums, independent curators and art theorists. A closer interconnection of the residency programmes is planned with the G99 gallery as a space for the presentation of selected residents’ works in form of exhibitions. Residencies are organised by the Brno House of Arts in collaboration with the City of Brno.


Residents at the Brno House of Arts are obliged to spend at least three quarters of their stay on the site of the residency. The artist undertakes to elaborate a final report with photographic documentation from the course of the residency.

Studio Information

3 studio spaces
1 photo shooting space + equipment

Accommodation Information

2 rooms with single beds, 1 room with a double bed
Shared kitchen and living room

Technical Information

Library, technical assistance, printers


Brno city center

Contact information

Dominikánská 9
602 00 Brno

bair [at]