3 to 6 months
Paid by host:

Accommodation, phone and internet basic fee plus up to 50€ and public presentation expenses. Grant of 350.- € per month.

Paid by artist:

Travel costs and insurances.

Application guidelines:

The post of Bridge Guard requires a person in whose work boundaries of countries or eras are bridged, mental, social, religious or political boundaries are crossed, different scientific fields are connected, or various artistic media are utilized.

If you are interested in serving as Bridge Guard, you may apply at any time, giving the following particulars:

  1. brief curriculum vitae
  2. samples of previous work
  3. description of the project that you plan to work on during the residency, including its relevance to the aims of the Bridge Guard project
  4. the reason for the application and why your project should be carried out in Štúrovo / Slovakia
  5. requirements for special equipment
  6. desired length of stay
  7. preferred dates for beginning and end of stay.

The application can be delivered by surface or electronic mail (not larger than 2MB).

Contact info

Karol Frühauf - INFOGEM AG
Rütistrasse 9
CH-5400 Baden
Telephone: +41 79 675 82 02
Email: [email protected]


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Bridge Guard

Bridge Guard

Residential Art - Science Centre

The Bridge Guard Residential Art - Science Centre supports artists, scientists or any other professionals working on projects with the idea of bringing together, connecting, bridging. The Maria Valeria Bridge between Štúrovo (Slovakia) and Esztergom (Hungary) has been reconstructed again in 2001. In its long history the bridge was longer destroyed than in service. The reconstructed bridge ought to be protected against devastation by human beings. The mental protection is more important than the physical. This program is supported by the 'Stefan and Viera Frühauf' fund, the main carrier of the Bridge Guard Residential Art - Science Centre. The Bridge Guard works on topics such as integrating, bridging, connecting, uniting opposites, exploring and moving boundaries, encountering the unknown in others and within oneself.


Duties of a BridgeGuard: Next to the work on his or her own project, the most important duty of the Bridge Guard consists of observing the bridge every day and of recording the observations in the Bridge Log. In addition, the Bridge Guard is expected to work at least one afternoon with children in the public art school or from the children home, be available for discussions with the high school students at least once, to have at least one public appearance, an exhibition or performance, communicate with the general public, thus building bridges to the people in the town, to leave behind at least one piece of art that can be shown in the permanent exhibition in the bridge guard residency. The visitors are denoted Bridge Guards and they build virtual bridges between human beings, as long as these are strong enough the real bridge is not endangered.

Accommodation Information

A modestly equipped flat is available with an atelier and a room for the permanent exhibition of the past bridge guards. Bathroom, wash machine and a fully equipped cuisine are also available. The residency can accommodate one bridge guard at a time. However, a bridge guard can be a couple or a family. In the same courtyard is the historical museum of the town.


In Štúrovo in south of Slovakia, on the shores of Danube. It is a small town with 12'000 inhabitants that doubles in the summer season.

Contact information

Dom strážcu mosta
Pri colnici 2
943 01 Štúrovo

Karol Frühauf
Rütistrasse 9
5400 Baden

Karol.Fruehauf [at] bridgeguard.org