English, Danish
2-3 weeks
Paid by host:

Bora Bora Residency Centre will provide:

  • 2-3 weeks studio time
  • Accommodation provided for up to 4 artists/collaborators
  • Travel covered
  • A fee of 875 euro per week per artist
  • Communication services as part of the Bora Bora Community with online artists database, listing in newsletter and follow up listings about future residencies, co-production and premieres in the years to come

If required, they can also provide:

  • Feedback from in house dramaturgs
  • Feedback from external mentor/outside eye
  • In house tech support
  • Cooperation with external partners with in the field of new technology, education, research and outreach
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international, technical assistance, artists, up to 1 month, project manager-support, network-development, accommodation, capacity, reharsal space, mid-career, studio space, shared, sponsorship, presentation, living expences, workshop, Institution, round trip

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Bora Bora

Bora Bora


Bora Bora Residency Centre welcomes proposals once a year through our open call. The programme is open to professional dance artists for projects to be researched and/or developed. The residencies are open to professional dance artists or dance ensembles or stage directors with a strong choreographic idea from all over the world. Each residency will be a 2-3 week residency. In addition, it is possible for Danish or Danish-based artists to apply for consideration for their international residency programmes, which are based on exchanges with the Residency Centre partners (read more about them here). Danish or Danish-based artists can also apply for a co-production, which you can read more about at the bottom of this page.


As a resident Bora Bora Residency Centre, you are requested to:

  • Deliver a class or workshop for the local students or artists
  • Interact with the local dance community or audience through a sharing or talk about your work
  • Contribute with info on your work for their website and newsletter
  • Include the Bora Bora Residency Centre on all future publicity materials relating to the work resulting from your residency
  • Give feedback to the organizers on the process of your residency
Studio Information

They have a wide range of options from small studios/ataliers to the main stage at Bora Bora (15mx15m) so this will depend on the specific needs of the artist. For more information see the hosts description at the website.

Accommodation Information

Depending on the local host, artists will be acommodated in rooms or a shared flat. Artists needing to bring their family are welcome to apply.

Technical Information

2 stages, a rehearsal space (a stage of 14×10 meters not incl. audience space). To see a full description of the stages, have a look at their website.

Here you can read more about the project from Bára Sigfúsdóttir, developed in the residency and supported by i-Portunus, EU Mobility Scheme for artists and cultural professionals.

Contact information

Valdemarsgade 1
8000 Århus

info [at]