From 1 week to 3 months
Paid by artist:

Fees paid by artist includes accommodation in a separate apartment (accommodation,electricity, water, heating, wifi internet, towels, bed sheets and cleaning services,) and our organization (logistics, introduction to local audience, workshops, visiting exhibitions, artists studios, visiting faculty of fine arts and meeting with professors, seminars, etc). Also they can make you contact with relevant professionals as art historians, curators, local artists, galleries in order to facilitate possible collaboration.

Application guidelines:

There is no specific application form. The application should contain a CV, a brief project proposal, period of your stay (with alternative dates), documentation of earlier works and preferably some info about yourself as an artist and your artistic practice.

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BKF Residency

BKF Residency


They offer the opportunity for a short term artist in residence program in Belgrade, Serbia and welcome all artistic disciplines and exchange of ideas between artists.


They have small artist run gallery and events space in center, and  can organize events to present your works and/or workshop, exhibition.

Studio Information

 Separate apartment.

Contact information

Krusedolski put - Lipovac 122
22406 Irig

atwork [at]