Spanish, English, Basque
6 months or 1 year
Application guidelines:

All the artists must fill in an application form and a dossier including the following documents:

  • Presentation of the project
  • Images of previous work related to the project.
  • CV
  • All sorts of graphic documentation that could help to better understand the project.

Artist interested in studio or production grants should also attach:

  • Detailed report of expenses of the project. Equipment should not represent more than the 15% of it.

Granted artists will be selected by a Jury integrated by three prestigous professionals of art creation, education or managment.

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Bilbao Arte

Bilbao Arte


Bilbao Arte is an artistic production centre belonging to the Culture Department of the Bilbao City Council and provides young creators with the means and infrastructures required to develop their artistic ideas through the availability of studio spaces, engraving and silkscreening workshop, digital imaging, sculpture, photography, a film set, documentation centre and projection rooms.

The Centre offers grants for two modalities of time:

  • Six month stay: January-June or July-December
  • 1 year stay, starting in January:

There are three types of grants available for individuals or groups:

  • Studio assigment: continuous use of space for the realization of specific projects. The artist will receive 2.000 euros (for six months projets) or 4.000 (for 1 year projects) for materials and expenses. 10 grants avaiable.
  • Production: it gives access to the infrastructures and workshops and consultancy in techniques and procedures. The artist will receive 2.000 euros (for six months projets) or 4.000 (for 1 year projects) for materials and expenses. 10 grants avaiable.
  • Cooperation: the selected artists committ to cooperate as assistants of the workshops for 4 hours a day or a maximum of 20 hours weekly. In return they can use the premises for their own projects. The artist will receive 500 euros a month during 11 months (February - December). 4 grants available.



One of the produced works stays as part of the collection of the Centre.

Studio Information

There are 12 studio spaces for resident artists. These studios are available to selected artists for a maximum time length of twelve months. Access to these spaces also entails access to the Centre’s workshops and as such, the infrastructure and advice of the professors in charge of the workshops.

Accommodation Information

There is a complementary accommodation grant for artists selected in any of the three previous modalities in a shared apartment with other artists. The esmitated value of this grant is 200 euros per month.


The Fundación Bilbao Arte Fundazioa, Centre for Contemporary Art, is housed in the old Urazurrutia schools on Urazurrutia street, in the neighborhood of ‘Bilbao La Vieja’.

Bilbao is a postindustrial city that has been revitalized in the last decades through investment in infrastructure and cultural projects to support its transition to a service city.

Contact information

Urazurrutia 32
48003 Bilbao BI

info [at]