Spanish, French, English
15 days to 3 months
Paid by host:

Travel expenses and accommodation are covered for both residencies and visits. In the case of a long term visit there is budget for materials and food.

Application guidelines:

BAR project’s residencies operate on an invitation system and the selection-committee is composed by BAR project’s founding members. There are two type of residencies:

Artist residencies

These are 3-month residencies in which artists and curators are invited to develop a specific project related to the city of Barcelona. The residency covers for transportation, accommodation, workshop and food expenses as well as for providing the artist with a production budget. During the residency there is a special emphasis on the exchange produced with the local context through the artists presentations of their work, studio visits, public events and several exchanges between artists and local agents. In the case of the curators, they are invited to develop a project in collaboration with BAR’s team over. This is a kind of residency that aims to further develop the residency program of BAR project, as well as to look for collaborations between international agents that could encourage it and thus create future collaborations within the fields of curating and research. At the end of each residency there is a public presentation of the artworks that have been produced on a particular space that has been selected in order to suit the work its best.


These are invitations given to three or four curators within periods that run between 5 and 10 days only, during which the participants have the possibility to meet artists as well as different agents and institutions of Barcelona. The selected curators will be provided with a program that is organized having in mind their research interests. In addition to this program, they have the possibility to do several artists studio visits on an individual level following BAR project’s guidelines. The main objective is to allow for a personal knowledge of the artistic and cultural context of the city in order to encourage future collaborations between local and international agents. The residency covers for accommodation and travel expenses.

By invitation only

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BAR Project

BAR Project

Curatorial collective

BAR project is an independent, mobile and non-profit organization dedicated to promote artistic exchange through local, national and international residencies and collaborations, and by developing a public program issued from curatorial and research projects.

BAR project gets its name from one of the quintessential social gathering places in our culture in order re-contextualize it and be able to work from there. That place is the popular coffee and beer bar, thought as the right scenario in order to conceive our lines of thought.

BAR project develops a residency program in Barcelona that is conceived as a platform for the internationalization of the local context by making connections between artists and other agents of the sector from a critical and independent perspective. By an invitation process BAR welcomes international artists and curators to come to Barcelona during different periods and following different types of residencies.

BAR project is a platform which doesn’t have its own venue. Its residencies are possible thanks to different partners and collaborators, who are able to provide BAR’s residents with an apartment on the Eixample area of Barcelona, workshops, located in the production centre Fabra i Coats, and with material and economic budget. Furthermore, the different art centres within the city – institutional and independent- as well as a variety of agents of the local artistic scene, they all participate in the programs’s activities and visits.

Studio Information

Studios for artists are located in the premises of the art center Fabra i Coats. Contact the organization for more information on the details.

Accommodation Information

The apartment in the Eixample district has four bedrooms, a living room, a full kitchen and two bathrooms and a balcony. WiFi access and bedding is provided.

Contact information

Carrer de Valencia 72
08015 Barcelona BA

hello [at]