3 months.
Paid by host:
  • Accommodation
  • Studio space
  • A basic monthly perdiem for the three-month period to cover food and transportation within the city. This perdiem amounts to about R130 per day.
  • You will be given an amount of R2 200 upon arrival in Johannesburg to cover your materials for art production while you are there.
  • You will be given R2 200 to cover the costs of the community outreach workshop to be conducted by you.
  • The costs of your exhibition will be covered by the Bag Factory. In turn, they put a 40% commission on all works sold at the exhibition.
Paid by artist:

Artists are expected to raise their own funds to cover their transport to and from South Africa. Costs and arrangements of any transport or shipping of art works into and out of South Africa are the responsibility of the applicant.

Application guidelines:

Applicants must submit:

- a representative portfolio of work produced in the past five years of at least 10 works and no more than 20, preferably by email. Images should not be larger than 300kb and each email no larger than 2MB. Please note that the Bag Factory does not accept responsibility for loss and damage of applications, and will not return slides unless accompanied by return postage and a suitable envelope/package.
- a substantial curriculum vitae with full names, references, addresses and contact numbers
- a brief letter of motivation, not more than one A4 page long, outlining reasons for wishing to join the programme
- a brief proposal for a small community outreach workshop to be conducted by you
- a recent photograph
- details of sources of funding (if any)
- preferred period of residency (date and year)
- If you have attended any other workshops or residencies of the Triangle Arts Network such as Greatmore, Thupelo, Thapong, Kuona, or Batapata, please specify where and when.

It is recommended that you apply at least one year in advance.
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The Bag Factory

The Bag Factory


The Bag Factory residency programme is related to the work of the Triangle Arts Trust, an international network of artists' collectives, residencies and workshop programmes. As with the Triangle Arts Trust initiatives, artists are encouraged to develop their practice in a climate of cultural diversity. This focus motivates artists to make a creative and innovative contribution to the cultural development of the communities in which they live and work. The residency programme enables artists to spend time working in Johannesburg. Apart from producing their own work, visiting artists engage with the local artists resident at the Bag Factory. At the end of their period of residency, they hold open studios and a public exhibition. The Bag Factory offers two kinds of residencies:

1) AIR residencies for artists who have secured their own funding.

2) VAP (Visiting Artists Programme) which offers support to artists who have limited access to funding where the Bag Factory will facilitate non-travel related expenses.


open studio, public exhibition.

Accommodation Information

Accommodation prvided at the Bag Factory apartments at Life on Main in City and Suburban in Johannesburg.

Contact information

10 Mahlathini Street,
South Africa

info [at]