French, English, Russian
1 month to 3 months
Paid by host:
  • Food provided
  • Bedsheets and towels provided
  • Laundry facilities provided
  • Heating in accommodations and workshops provided
Paid by artist:

The monthly cost of residence is set at 1200€. This includes accommodation (bed sheets and towels provided), food and workshop space, laundry facilities.
The cost to the artist will be individually determined by taking the financial circumstances of the artist, possible bursaries and other funding options into account.
The artist will have to pay for his/her visa fees, insurance, travel costs, working material (the artist has the possibility to buy the artistic material in Sens or Troyes).
The artist may host visitors during his(her) stay. A financial participation of 12€ for meals, and 25€ per day if they wish to stay overnight, will be asked. The organizers will have to be informed in advance about the arrival of any visitor.

Application guidelines:

Candidates will be selected after careful examination of their application folder. The applications will be selected in accordance with their artistic quality - especially for their poetic and symbolic value, their coherence with the artistic approach of the "Domaine du Tournefou" and in consideration with the willingness of the artist to exchange with fellow artists.
The application will be made upon a call for project that is launched each year, or on a free project of the artist. There is no application fee. The application folder should include:

  • A detailed CV or biography
  • A note of intent describing your project and the steps you envisage to carry it out
  • Any visual or sound elements which may help to further the understanding of your project.
  • Possibly a budget,any financial partners, events planned around the project (publications, exhibitions...etc).
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Association Tournefou

Association Tournefou

La ruelle des artistes

The Tournefou association is a manager and organiser of the property "Le Domaine du Tournefou" in the Aube department (10190 Palis), where a group of organisers, educators and artists work together, with partners in France and abroad. The association conducts actions around two poles :

  • Actions of exchange between the public and the artits: they welcome all year round a public of all ages and social backgrounds for exhibitions, artistic training. They promote actions of mediations linked with exhibitions and meetings, concerts, shows, conferences etc.
  • Actions more specifically turned towards artists: the artistic residences.

Particularly dedicated to the fields of reasearch and creation, initiator of a new form of artistic and cultural development, the Tournefou domain (simply called "the Tournefou") has a vocation to be a home of confidence for artists who came to experiment an artistic presence in rural territory. The Tournefou, being a pluridisciplinary place of production and exhibitions, also allows the artist possibilities to meet with the population, the environment, places of art and culture (such as the Camille Claudel Museum of sculptures in Nogent-sur-Seine or the Museum of Modern Art in Troyes, etc.) and partners of the Tournefou's program.


During their stay in the residency, meetings and mediation workshops may be organised in agreement with the artists. At the end of their stay, artists are invited to present all or part of their works, on the occasion of "meeting with an artist" day.

Studio Information

There are three workshops for three artists-in-residences of 25 m2. The workshops are particularly dedicated to the disciplines of image (such as painting, cinema, photography, drawing), writing (poetry, literature), sculpture, etc.

Accommodation Information

There are three residences. Each residence has :

  • private bedroom (about 18 m2)
  • private bathroom
  • private lounge corner with small kitchen and its equipment (15 m2), so that the artist may take meals on their own
  • washing machine is at your disposal to wash your clothes and towels
  • private workshop (25m2)
  • common lounge corner with library
  • common park and garden
  • common dining room, when meals are taken together
  • free WIFI connection
Technical Information

Wall covering inside wokshops enables the artist to hang painting canvases, drawings and other canvases in graphic arts technics. Workshops are provided with modular tables (tresles and boards) and chairs. They are electric plugs for lamps and other electric appliances. Workshops are heated in the winter. Library books and computer equipment (printer, scanner etc.) are provided upon request at the residences' office.


The residencies "La Ruelle des artistes" ("Artists' Walk') are an extension to a recently restored 18th century champenois farmhouse. 'La Ruelle des artistes' looks out onto a large garden with lawns and trees, following with a view onto fields and a forest nearby. There are a baker's and confectionner's shop, a café-restaurant and a postal box in Palis. Nearest "Banking facilities", a chemist and other proximity shops, including supermakets, are in Aix-en-Othe (at 7 km). A traditional outdoor market is displayed in Aix-en-Othe on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There is no train station in Palis and transports are not numerous. The nearest train stations are in Nogent-sur-Seine and Troyes.

Contact information

4 rue du Tournefou
10190 Palis

contact [at]