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The Videobrasil residency program is tailored around the prizes awarded by the festival and by Videobrasil in context, sponsoring connections and exchange between artists, organizations and communities in Brazil and the world over. By awarding scholarships and commissioning artworks, Videobrasil intends to help usher in a new artistic and cultural cartography. Read more here

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Associação Cultural Videobrasil

Associação Cultural Videobrasil


Associação Cultural Videobrasil (locally ACV) is a public interest organization dedicated to fostering, disseminating, and mapping out electronic art from the southern circuit. The Videobrasil residency programe systematizes the action of Associação Cultural Videobrasil in the field of artistic residencies. By means of strategic partnerships with renowned teaching, research, and production institutions in several countries, the program aims to strengthen existing exchange actions in Brazil and create rotational dynamics to benefit Brazilian, Latin American, and African artists. Through its residency program, Videobrasil enables artists and researchers to explore connections and interact with other artists, institutions, and communities in Brazil and other countries. The program includes scholarships and commissioned artwork, favoring a new artistic and cultural geography built upon the transit of artists and researchers.

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