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2 - 6 months
Paid by artist:

Residence (work and residence): bedroom 5x3 meters + one studio 4x4 meters: 450 US $ per month.
Residence (work and residence): big bedroom/studio 5x6: 450 US $ per month
In case of a duo sharing a studio, you will have to submit information and there will be an extra fee of 100 $ per month.

Application guidelines:

Please apply through this online application form. Please specify in your application the ideal period you would like to come and how long.


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Asociación Jupiterfab

Asociación Jupiterfab


Asociación Jupiterfab is a Not For Profit Organization which was created in November 2014 to support art projects and artist with social impact. Started in February 2021, Asociación Jupiterfab offers a space to work and to live where artists can run their site specific projects. At the end of the residence the artist will have to organize an event (e.g. exhibit) inside the Art Residence. They support the artist with the logistics and communications.

They encourage artists to work on projects related with the area and the community around the residence and/or social topics, such as gentrification, immigration, social justice, poverty, homeless people… However, this is not a binding criteria. They would like artists in residence to engage with the local community somehow. They offer support in connecting with local organizations/art spaces.

Visual artists can join our community projects to paint walls of the two neighborhoods. They are running a community project with the neighbourhood. Visual artists or street artists can join it and paint one or more walls in the area. They also have a couple of walls in the central atrium that can be painted, if the artist prefers to work inside the art residency.


Creating site specific projects or researches that will be shown in a public event in the art residence.

Studio Information

They provide two different studios/accommodations:
- one studio 4 x 4 meters, next to the bedroom, for one artist. This space can host artists who need separate spaces (sleeping and working).
- One big bedroom that is a studio as well, 5 x 6 meters for another artist. This space is suitable for artist working on medias where it’s not necessary to divide working and sleeping space.

They guarantee in each studio, one desk, one chair and one shelf (plus bed and closet). The artist can use the walls of the studio to do any sort of installation, but they will have to clean/repaint the wall at the end of the residence.

The place doesn’t offer any technical material. These are responsibility of the artist.

The central patio is huge, with a big skylight in the middle. It measures approximately 10 x 6 meters. It is perfect for many different kinds of performances or art events.

Accommodation Information

The residency is in an old colonial house completely renewed in Downtown Guadalajara.

They provide 2 different accommodations:
- One bedroom 5x3 meters + one studio 4 x 4 meters (next to each other) for one artist.
- One big bedroom/studio 5 x 6 meters for another artist.
The residence has two bathrooms (one full – one guests), and several common areas: a kitchen, a dining room, a big central patio, a back patio and a laundry room.
They are open to host duo or groups artists using both spaces available.


The art residence is on the border between two old and very popular neighborhoods of Guadalajara, Colonia Moderna and Colonia Americana.

Contact information

Calle Penitenciaria 660
Colonia Americana
44160 Guadalajara, Jal.

jupiterfab2 [at]