English, Korean, Japanese, Germany
1-3 Months
Paid by host:

Water, gas, internet access and all other regular expenses associated to the facilities.

Paid by artist:

A fee of 80,000 yen including usage of the facilities for 4 weeks (74,074 yen + 8% current value-added tax). A 10,000 yen deposit will be required upon acceptance. Artists will also pay for their own food, transportation, materials and any other expenses.

Application guidelines:

Please send a resume, portfolio and an artist statement.

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Arts Itoya

Arts Itoya


Arts Itoya is an artist in residence program in Takeo, Saga Prefecture, Japan. Studio Kura, the company in charge of the long running residence progam in Fukuoka Prefecture, started it in 2018 after reforming an old kimono shop called Itoya.

Around the first week of the month, the organziers will take the artists on a tour around Takeo. Then, the following week they will arrange a workshop for them to experience some kind of Japanese craft (i.e. washi, bonsai or tea ceremony). On the last weekend before they leave, the artists will have their exhibitions. An opening party and artist talk is normally scheduled at 15:30 on a Saturday.



Studio Information

4 different shared studios for residence artists to use.

Accommodation Information

Arts Itoya provides artists with residential facilities and bicycles during their staying period. Accommodation consists on one traditional Japanese rural house, which can be shared by up to four artists. Each artist is provided a private single room. Common room, bathroom, toilet and kitchen facilities are shared with other residence artists and there is internet Wi-Fi connection in the house.

Technical Information

Wireless internet connection is provided except at the residence house. Power outlets are Japanese 100 V, 60 Hz, and the plug has the same shape as in the USA. A laser cutter, a 3D printer and a Shapeoko CNC cutter are also available for request.

Contact information

Takeo machi oaza takeo
Takeo, 41

hirofumimatsuzaki [at]