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2 weeks to 2 months
Paid by host:
  • Internet connection
  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • Water
Paid by artist:

€300 euro per week for participation.

ARTEMISTA requires a 40% deposit shortly after acceptance of Artist-in-Residence is received, in order to guarantee the place on the programme. Full payment should be made one month prior to participants’ arrival. Payment via bank transfer.

As ARTEMISTA doesn't receive any public funding, the survival of the organization depends entirely on the success of our initiatives and activities. A discount may be applied for long periods of stay (starting from 2 weeks) and for groups.

Prices and conditions may differ for long term co-housing and co-working projects.

Artists are responsible for their own travel expenses, food and personal working materials.

In case of additional use of the recording studio (on reservation), additional costs will be applied.

Application guidelines:
  • Please complete the Artist-in-Residence Application Form and send your application to: [email protected]
  • Please attach an updated CV and portfolio (maximum ten works) to your application form.

NOTE: Please use Adobe Acrobat to access the Application Form file.


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ARTEMISTA is a non-profit cultural association that deals with theatre, music, social projects and environmental awareness education, immersed in the northern Italian rural communities of the Po Valley and surrounding wine growing hills of OltrePo.

Through its residency programme, ARTEMISTA selects individuals or groups (up to 20 people) with creative and original proposals twice a year. Thanks to the physical characteristics of the workplace, the organization offers various opportunities to its artists-in-residence:

  • research-based residencies
  • production-based residencies
  • interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial residencies

Through the Residency Programme, residents are given the opportunity to live and work in the village of Spessa at “Cascina Castello.” Here they can develop their individual projects and immerse themselves in the region’s creative, rural atmosphere.


All artists-in-residence are encouraged to share the work produced during their in-residency programme through a performance, exhibition, workshop, or open rehearsal for local audiences. However, this is not compulsory.

Alternatively, a “work in progress” discussion session with feedback from other professionals can be organized.

Artists should inform ARTEMISTA of their intentions at least one month in advance to allow for preparation of said events.

Studio Information

Multifunctional Room: (converted Granary, dating back to the 10th century) 125 sqm. This studio has maintained its original flooring in terracotta tile and ceiling with wooden beams and cross beam. The studio can host different disciplines, visual arts, music, theatre and dance. NB Studio height has to be taken into consideration for jumps/acrobatics etc.

Rehearsal Studio: 96 sqm. This studio is suitable for theatre and dance. (8 m. x 12 m. H 5 m.) Ideal space for preparing new productions and/or organizing residential seminars.

Recording Studio: Suitable for all kinds of compositions. When necessary the recording studio can utilize the Granary as an extended space for live recording. The Granary has extraordinary natural acoustics and can accommodate big ensembles and groups of musicians.

Accommodation Information

ARTEMISTA Hostel and Arts Centre can offer various accommodation solutions, depending on the artists' needs:

  • two double rooms (with bathroom)
  • one room with 3 beds (with bathroom)
  • three rooms with 4/6 beds (with bathroom)

There is a shared kitchen and dining/living area. Guests are kindly requested to take care of daily cleaning of communal spaces utilized.

Artists-in-Residence will also have access to outdoor areas, laundry facilities, Wi-Fi connection, bicycles for local travel, a weekly cleaning service and info-pack (sent prior to arrival).

ARTEMISTA “Cascina Castello” can accomodate:

  • 20 people from November to March
  • 10 people from July to September
Technical Information

ARTEMISTA can provide space and offer professional equipment needed for theatre or dance production, recording music, shooting film, starting a publication, curating an exhibition, or writing a script.

Studios come supplied with dance carpets, theatrical lights with dimmer and control unit, sound system with speakers and mixer.

On Reservation: Recording Studio, fully equipped, for additional sessions artists-in-residence should require.

ARTEMISTA also has a workspace equipped with various craftsmen’s tools for woodwork and iron work, which can be utilized in preparation of scenery, props etc.


ARTEMISTA Cultural Association is located in the village of Spessa, near the Po River, at the “Cascina Castello,” a farmhouse with adjacent buildings dating back to the 15th century. Cascina Castello has been transformed into a cultural centre for artistic productions and various events, while maintaining some of its original farming activities.

Despite being part of the Lombardy Region’s rural reality, it is only an hour ride away from the beating business and commercial heart of Italy – the city of Milan, with all necessary modern amenities. (Milan Linate Airport, Milan Malpensa Airport, Central rail station, underground, motorways, etc).

On a clear day one can enjoy a walk on the river Po levee and admire the Alpine mountain range to the north, the Oltre Po hills followed by the Apennines to the south, with a little mystic fog rising off the river to add romanticism to this unique view.

Contact information

Via Castello 4/I , Spessa (PV)
27010 Spessa PV

associazioneartemista [at]