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3 months
Paid by host:

Workspaces, costs for travelling in the neighborhood of Botopasi.

Please note that there is no stipend or living allowance attached to these residencies. However they support funding requests with a letter of invitation when artists take the initiative to approach funding agencies. After negotiating with funding partners there’s a possibility that selected artists only have to pay a portion of their travel costs.

Paid by artist:

For daily expenses, € 45,- a day for goods and services including:

  • Procurement and management of supplies (for example food, bedding)
  • Use of the Artceb compound
  • Two hosts in Botopasi besides Isidoor
  • Cook; cooks and washes the dishes
  • Wash woman; dirty clothes are washed
  • Acommodation (room with bed and hammock for outside in the garden, mosquito net, linens, towel), workspace, meals 3/day.

Not mentioned / unforeseen issues are agreed upon in consultation.

Application guidelines:

An academic education and three years of independent professional practice are required for an individual residency at ARTCEB. An international selection committee will assess the applications. The selection will be based on documentation of the last 3-4 years' work and a motivation/ workplan. Participants can have a regular residency only once. Returning for a second time is possible through a project residency or a residency for former participants. Young artists or students can apply for the residency for young participants.

A complete application consists of:

  • The online application form, all required items completed
  • requested documentation as stated in the application form
  • workplan for the residency
  • visual documentation (up to 10 images, see further information in the application form)
  • 30€ registration fee

Consult the Program and FAQs on Artceb website for detailed information.


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ARTCEB International Residency Program

ARTCEB International Residency Program


ARTCEB is an artist residency in one of the African diaspora villages in the expansive habitation of the Saramaccan population. ARTCEB offers:

  • Individual residency
  • Project recidency
  • Residency for young participants
  • Residency for former participants

For artists who want to undertake experiments or take up the challenge to nourish cultural developments by means of art; artists who like the challenge and opportunity to acquire more in-depth knowledge by exploring how this residency might inspire them to develop parts of their strategic objectives and to strengthen and expand their international network. Former residents and organisations will be invited to team up with ARTCEB to join and participate in future exhibitions, festivals and projects at hand.

Read the AiR experience by Joljin de Wolf "You’ve got the clock but we have the time." (2011).

Studio Information

During the residency participants have a studio at their disposal in- and outdoor workspaces. Various studio possibilities are negotiable to meet their desire.

Accommodation Information

A separate building offers accommodation with all facilities for personal care. Each artist can have a private room. Various housing possibilities are negotiable to meet your desire. In the main building a spacious kitchen is available for artists who wish to prepare their own meals. Within walking distance there are shops and the river.

Technical Information

ARTCEB functions as a laboratory where participants are encouraged to experiment with technical and artistic possibilities to develop new work. The participants are expected to perform their work with the highest possible degree of independence. Technical supervisors are available to provide expert advice.


ARTCEB is located in the center of Botopasi a village founded in 1895 in the inlands of Suriname at the Suriname River. There are approximately 2000 inhabitants, 2 small shops, a school and a church. The village is only accessible by boat or airplane. Along the riverside there are many similar villages in the expansive habitation of the Saramaccan population. All surrounding Botopasi you’ll find natural beautiful scenery with adventurous landscapes.

Contact information


artceb [at]