Chinese, English
3 months
Paid by host:

By Art Matters will provide accommodation and working studio for the duration of three months, and will provide stipend for living, material, and promotion expenses according to its yearly budget.

Paid by artist:

Meals, living expenses, Visa, Insurance and other expenses.

Application guidelines:

Applicant: Emerging artists living in China but not base in Hangzhou.

Nationality: No restrictions

Genre: No restrictions

Open Call: Four groups (accommodate up to five people for the residency: three groups of singles and one group of double)

Please answer the questions stated in the Open Call and submit your materials in English, by email to [email protected]

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By Art Matters

By Art Matters


By Art Matters is a contemporary art museum located in the OōEli complex, scheduled for opening in 2021, designed and built by Renzo Piano Building Workshop with a world-class museum standard. Aside from its permanent collection, the museum will continue to provide exhibition and publication opportunities for artists, to provide a third space for the public outside of everyday living and working, and become a leading atelier of creativity.

By Art Matters seeks to become Hangzhou’s first hub of international and domestic art scene, and to deliver momentum and catalyst for sensitivity, research, and artistic practice. It aspires to cultivate the public’s independent aesthetics for contemporary art through diverse exhibitions and public education activities, to bring sensual, intellectual, and spiritual inspirations.


Artists should complete their works and present to the local public in Hangzhou before the end of their residency, while also participate in sharing events, artists talks, salons, and other activities organized by Art Matters Residency. At the end of the project, artists can decide whether they would like to donate their works. Donated works might be collected by the museum, or auctioned for charity purpose.

Studio Information

By Art Matters has approximately 2000 square meters, with a total of 10 floors. There are 8 residency studios, an exhibition hall, a blackbox, a communal kitchen, a workshop, a laundry room, and a pantry.

Each studio is about 100 square meters, equipped with a separate bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. There are three types of studio that caters to the need of a single artist or an artist group of two.

Accommodation Information

By Art Matters will launch in 2021. It is a non-profit artist residency center, a residency program under By Art Matters. It offers residencies to emerging contemporary artists and researchers around the world, and provides them a dynamic space for living, working, showing, and sharing, in order to encourage and support the growth of local and international contemporary art. An experienced academic committee from the museum will provide professional, objective support for the residents, and help them develop their practice.

This residency program aims to become an exchanging platform among local, domestic, and international artists. And to promote the union of “Live & Create”, the residency center will organize series of sharing events, workshops, open-studios and provide exhibition opportunities for the residents during their residency, hoping to activate an enriched cultural atmosphere on-site, and promote off-site culture influx.

Technical Information

The exhibition hall, located in the basement, has about 165 square meters, and provides use for daily activities and exhibitions. The exhibition hall connects to a garden designed by Japanese leading garden designer Shunmyō Masuno. As a inner courtyard garden, it’s hidden out of sight with a unique charm. There is also a workshop in the building, providing basic practical tools and printing facility. The black box located on the 4th floor is a dark room reserved for showing moving-images and audio works, while also providing use for other works that require a dark space.

Other facilities from the museum - library, theater, auditorium, and exhibition space - are also available to the residents, committed to support the production and documentation of worldwide contemporary art.


They are situated on the only road from West Lake to Xixi National Wetland Park, the center of two most gorgeous scenery lines of Hangzhou, China.

Contact information

398 Tianmushan Road

residency [at]