2 weeks to 2 months
Paid by host:

As every residency period has its own theme or aim, it is important to read the information about every call. Often they can give accommodation grants, sometimes cover travel expenses. Sometimes the organziers take a fee to be able to invest in the residency.

Paid by artist:

Artists are covering their own living expenses during stay. Most often also travels.

Application guidelines:

You can find more details about the application process here. The application should be emailed to [email protected]

No call for 2020 - check their website for updates

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ARNA i Fågelriket

ARNA i Fågelriket


ARNA is a nonprofit organsation in Sweden. They work through the Culture Dimension of sustainability in the The Avian Kingdom. Their vision for the area is for it to become the world's first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to include the Culture Dimension of sustainability in its foundation.

ARNA stands for Art and Nature. In the center of their, mainly, project bound work they place the artist in residence, a hub for artists from around the world to explore and express human's relationships towards nature and to unfold culture's role in a sustainable development.

ARNA announces, during the winter and spring, 3-4 calls for projects and residency periods each year. Each residency period, or project, has different aim and financing. Sometimes ARNA offer periods for rent without any obligations from their side, other times they offer Accommodation Grants and in return they ask for a concert or other public engagement. And sometimes it is a project where the artists dedicate their time at ARNA to the aims of a project and in those cases the organizers might also be able to pay for the flights. Therefore, it is important to read the information within each call for applications.


Each residency project or period includes a variety of activities for the artist to meet the public, as open studios, artist talks, workshops, concerts and exhibitions, each depending on the theme for the residency period. ARNA is situated on the countryside so the art events are intimate and informal. What expected from the artist is described in the different calls for applications.

Studio Information

All bedrooms have writing tables. The residency has a big room as a shared working space and a working area upstairs. Two small studio houses are situated in the garden.

Accommodation Information

The ARNA-house is situated just outside the village and has a big garden. There is only 400 meter to the supermarket and the bus stop. The house is owned by an artist that now live in his earlier studio-house in the end of the garden.

Downstairs the house has a kitchen + a 40 m2 big room. The room is used as a shared studiospace and meetingroom. Upstairs you will find three bedrooms, the bathroom and a working space. Kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities are shared by the residents. Internet through Wifi is for free. Linen and towels will be provided. All cleaning and washing during the stay are to be done by the residents. For more info, please visit the website.

Technical Information

The facilities are simple but they try to help out if something special is needed.


ARNA is situated in Harlösa, a small village with 850 inhabitants. There are bikes to borrow for daytrips in The Avian Kingdom. For longer trips it is possible to rent a car in the village.

Contact information

Lidvägen 16
241 64 Harlösa

arna.fagelriket [at]