10 months (August - May)
Paid by host:

Residents are paid for teaching and also receive a generous monthly stipend for departmental assistance and participation in extracurricular events in the community

Paid by artist:

All housing, transportation and living expenses

Application guidelines:

•   Completed Application Form
•   Resume
•   Artist statement (maximum one page)
•   Diversity statement (maximum one page)
•   Proposal for what you plan to accomplish during your residency (1-3 paragraphs)
•   3 References, personal and professional (name, address, email, and phone number)
•   10 digital images of work completed within the last 2 years (identify images uniformly, e.g. Smith, title, .jpg). Photo submissions can be links to Dropbox, Slideroom, or other cloud location or attached as JPG, PNG, or PDF files. Applicants can send USB drives in the mail but CDs cannot be accepted.

Art area residency you are applying for: 2D/Ceramics/Sculpture/Jewelry/Metalsmithing

Give a brief explanation of your artwork:
1.   How would your particular talents and abilities benefit the Armory Art Center and its students?
2.   Please list your teaching experience and give a brief description of your motivation for being a teaching artist?  

Regular mail submissions are to be postmarked by Monday, March 14, 2022.

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Armory Art Center

Armory Art Center

Artist in Residence Program

Housed in a historic art deco building in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Armory Art Center provides art classes for artist of all ages and abilities, exhibitions, art salons, lectures, and special events. Nearly 100 courses, held in 12 state-of-the-art studios, are offered in ceramics, digital arts, drawing, jewelry, painting, printmaking, fibers, sculpture, welding, and wood turning are offered each year.

The mission of the Armory Art Center is to inspire the creation and experience of art. The Armory’s vision is to become a leading artistic and cultural center.

Armory’s Artist-in-Residence Program
The Armory Art Center invites artists to apply to the Armory’s Artist-in-Residence Program. This highly competitive program attracts a diverse group of emerging artists within varied disciplines who have earned at least a BFA. Artists-in-Residence are responsible for teaching classes to our diverse student/community where they have the opportunity to refine their skills teaching workshops and eight-week classes. They also participate in special events. The Armory provides a studio space which offers freedom to develop their own work. Artists-in-Residence have the opportunity to exhibit work they have created during their residency. Residents are paid for teaching and also receive a generous monthly stipend for departmental assistance and participation in extracurricular events in the community.

The Artist in Residence program at the Armory Art Center supports artists who want to share their creative vision and enrich our community. Our objectives are to:

•   Enhance the diversity and quality of the studio experience provided to the Armory students and community at large
•   Provide Artist in Residence the means to share their work and ideas
•   Encourage public participation and interaction with artists and artwork that the Palm Beach County community would not otherwise experience.
•   Engage the Artist in Residence with the Armory staff and the administrative and   operational sector.
2D: Seeking artists in 2-dimensional media such as digital media, painting, drawing, printmaking, fiber, and/or multi-media. Resident will also be responsible for booking models for open sketch sessions, monitoring open sketch, and assisting with departmental special projects as needed.

Jewelry and Metalsmithing: Seeking a jewelry/metalsmith knowledgeable in advanced soldering fabrication techniques, some forming methods using various stakes/hammers, surface finishes & patinas, centrifugal or vacuum casting, hydraulic press, enameling, stone setting & or 3-D rendering.

Ceramics: Seeking potters or clay sculptors competent in wheel throwing, hand building, firing reduction, raku, soda, and electric kilns.

Sculpture: Seeking sculptors competent in reductive processes, welding (MIG, TIG, SMAW, Oxy/Acetylene gas welding), forging, mold making, and/or casting. Materials relevant to the department include, stone, wood, clay, metal, and mixed media.

All applicants must have at least 25 hours experience teaching in a studio environment, which includes teacher's assistant (TA).

Residency Period: August 29, 2022 – May 27, 2023
Residents must be on campus one week prior to the start of the residency period- Monday, August 22, 2022
Application Deadline: Digital submissions must be received by 11:59pm on Sunday, March 20, 2022. Regular mail submissions are to be postmarked by Monday, March 14, 2022.
Interview Schedule: April 4-8 via Zoom
Notification Results: Week of April 18, 2022

Studio Information

•   Facility hours: daily, nightly, and weekend access however some restrictions might exist due to COVID-19 safety protocol
•   Production studio area
•   Participation in the Artist-in-Residence group exhibition
•   Competitive monthly stipend
•   Additional income and teaching opportunities in Armory classes, Armory private classes, and community programs
•   Workshop attendance and/or assistance opportunities with visiting master artists
•   Access granted to studios outside your assigned department

Accommodation Information

Living accommodations not included.

Technical Information

Specifics per department
•   2-D Department: easels, tables, wall space, 3 printing presses, desktop Mac Pros with Adobe Suite, large scale ink jet printer, running water, virtual reality creative suite included in MAC lab, and ample natural light.
•   Clay Studio: 1 slab roller, 1 spray booth, 2 extruders (standard and hydraulic),16 electric Brent wheels, Soldner clay mixer, pug machine, ball mill (2 barrels), fully stocked/standard dry materials room, low to high fire glazes, clay supply room, 3D printer and virtual reality equipment and software for clay.
•   Kilns: 45 cubic ft downdraft natural gas kilns, natural gas soda kiln, 30 cubic ft natural gas fiber kiln, raku kiln, 10 electric computer-controlled kilns (2/10 electrics are testers). Kilns are shared with sculpture department
•   Metalsmithing Studio: 2 large metalsmithing classrooms, jeweler’s benches, hand tools, drill presses, anvils, rolling mills, hydraulic press, flex shafts, a large variety of hammers & stakes, stone setting tools/GRS bench system, lapidary wheels, polishing motor/wheels, centrifuge & vacuum casting area, enameling area & kilns, polishing wheels, electro-etching, Orion pulse welder, microscope.
•   Sculpture Studio: Slab roller, industrial compressor, carving equipment, MIG, TIG, Plasma Cutter, Arc, Oxygen/Acetylene, propane, clamps/ vice, Band Saw, Table Saw, wide range of power tools, belt sander, grinders, large supply of stone carving tools/materials, and anvil. Variety of standard materials: waxes, plaster, oil based clays, etc.
•   Upon request - access to common areas in departments with 2D areas serving as shared spaces and 3D departments including metalsmithing, sculpture, and ceramics shared spaces.

Contact information

811 Park Place
West Palm Beach, FL 33410
United States

dannie.matevia [at]