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Three months
Paid by host:

Selected artist are granted with a solo exhibition by the end of their stay. ARE provides the resident artists with a material budget for the final presentation/ exhibition, depending on individual projects, but advises artists to secure additional funding from elsewhere.

Application guidelines:

In order to qualify for a stay in one of the guest studios you must apply by filling in the application form online.

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ARE Holland Residency Program

ARE is a two guest studio's residency, within the building of the art initiative B 93, a local artists collective.The residency studios are spacious and include the facilities to live and work. One studio is equipped with computers and software fitted for video art, sound art, and media art projects. The other studio is very light and suitable for painting, drawing and small scaled sculpture or space installations. Basic tools and work equipment are available.

The artist is invited for 3 months and is expected to present his/her research in an exhibition at the end of the stay. They are working with several local art initiative where the exhibition can take place. The city of Enschede supports each artist with a little material budget for his/her exhibition.

The residency period is scheduled as following:

  • Period 1: January, February, March,
  • Period 2: April, May, June
  • Period 3: july, August, September,
  • Period 4: October, November December

Exhibition or presentation.

Studio Information

The guest studios are especially suitable for media arts, painting, drawing, installation and small-scale sculpture. They are not suitable for traditional sculpture or welding. Both studios are spacious and receive plenty of natural light. There are basic tools and equipment as well as wireless access to Internet. One studio, which is equipped with state-of-the-art computers and software, is ideal for video, sound and installation artists.

Accommodation Information

The residency includes use of all facilities (private room, studio, computer equipment, wireless internet, kitchen, bathroom, washing machine / dryer, basic tools).

Contact information

Hoge Bothofstraat
7511ZE Enschede

areholland [at]