English, Norwegian, German
1 to 3 months
Paid by host:

Selected artists can expect a salary of 1000 Euro.

Paid by artist:

Selected artists are fully funded.

Selected projects are partly funded, this means that the artist has to contribute to travel and accommodation costs (680 USD/month + travel)

Application guidelines:

Please send your CV and motivation letter that states your arctic experience or reason for it to info[at]

AIR tags:
Isolation & retreat, Environment
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Arctic Culture Lab

Arctic Culture Lab

Arctic Research Program

Arctic Culture Lab is a multidisciplinary platform for artistic research that reacts on the international vibrancy of the North and unites artists, curators, cross border specialists, geopolitical experts, as well as producers.

ACL strives for the goal to facilitate a knowledge exchange between residency artists and local knowledge bearers. During a 2 to 3 month stay they support, inform and motivate artists to reflect on the vulnerability of the Arctic coastal culture as an initial aspect for artistic research. The program is open to international artists and curators who are looking for a different narrative of the Arctic and Greenland, other than predominantly presented in media.

ACL is interested in artistic processes, experimentation and fearless curiosity in respectful interaction with the local community. The residency gives visitors an unique opportunity to discover Greenlands cultural and sociopolitical context. ACL expects their residency guests to be aware of research methologies related to indigenous peoples and to accept the expectation of a reciprocal approach. Through this, artists and curators can expand the scope of their practice and learn about the under-communicated Greenlandic art scene.


Any form of knowledge exchange is welcome.

Studio Information

There is one nice and bright studio space and a big outdoor area.

Accommodation Information

2 double rooms, can be used as singe rooms, common kitchen, bathroom.

Technical Information

There is a small library with focus on Inuit art.


ACL is located on the Northwest coast of Greenland.

Contact information

Sangusariaq 21
3952 Ilulissat

info [at]