Application guidelines:

Applications are not accepted for the fellowship program. Participants (from different disciplines and at different points in their career) are recommended by noted individuals from their home country who believe their practice could benefit from a non-working visit to a foreign country.

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Apex Art

Apex Art


Founded in 1994, apexart is a non-profit arts organization in Lower Manhattan that was conceived to offer opportunities to independent curators and emerging and established artists, as well as to challenge ideas about art, its practice and curation. They realize this mission through their exhibitions, Fellowship Program, publications, and public programs. The apexart fellowship is an alternative educational program that invites individuals to leave their familiar surroundings for a month-long stay in a foreign country. The fellowship program has two components, a NYC fellowship program and an International Fellowship, with the goal of providing participants an opportunity to experience a new culture rather than creating new work. The program recognizes the necessity of time for contemplation in the creative process and fellows are asked to consider their stay as a break from their professional life. In lieu of applying the pressure of production and career promotion, apexart’s program provides a more introspective and academic alternative that encourages Fellows to take a step back to consider, interpret, and discuss artistic work and practices.

New York City fellowship - this program is focused on cultural exchange and new experiences, providing an intense, explorative journey into New York. Up to eight individuals are invited per season and each is provided with air fare, an apartment in Manhattan, a phone, internet access, and a full itinerary complete with places to visit, events to attend, professionals to meet with, and classes to sit in on. Fellows are asked to cover their daily expenses.

International fellowship - this program relocates New Yorkers to a foreign country for a period of one month. Fellows are encouraged to spend their time exploring and, in conversation with the many individuals who live and work locally, exchanging ideas and taking advantage of the local cultural climate. They are provided with airfare, an apartment, an itinerary, and a contact individual in their resident location. Fellows are asked to cover their daily expenses.


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