English, Spanish
2 weeks
Paid by artist:

$ 740 USD (includes handling and processing fee).

Variable, please check their website
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ANIMA Casa Rural

ANIMA Casa Rural

ANIMA Casa Rural Artist in Residency Program

ANIMA’s thematic and self-directed art residencies aim to offer a time and space away for all manner of creative people from their usual routines and environment. They provide time for reflection, research, production, and practice. The space is primarily directed towards practices and projects involving writing, photography, video art, drawing and painting. Anima hosts up to 8 people each residency. At ANIMA you can enjoy the rural landscape, a family stay with home cooking and organic home grown products. Through hikes into the surrounding areas and visits to San Isidro, Anima emphasizes the importance of cultural exchange. Residents must finance their own stay, and source funding and support from their own countries and networks.


There are no specific expectations of the residents, however they are encouraged to use the time in order to focus on their work and donate something to the ANIMA archive. The price of the residency includes a one day trip to the city of Guadalajara, where residents will visits various art galleries and museums, local markets and historic sites.

Studio Information

The studio space is located outside of the main house. It is perfectly suited for all forms of visual arts, photography, and ceramics.

Accommodation Information
  • Room for 2 residents
  • Room for 4 residents
  • Outside Adobe house for 4 residents
Technical Information

Internet is available on the farm. All artists are responsible for their own materials.


ANIMA rural home is located in a valley surrounded by various cherry, alfalfa, cactus (Nopal) and sugar cane farms, and is in close proximity to other villages and municipalities. These communities mainly practices agriculture, cattle raising, commerce, construction work and “charreria” (the culture of horsemanship and rodeo riding). They principally cultivate crops of sugar cane, but there is also corn, beans, avocado, lime, tomato, sorghum and barley in the area.

Contact information

Calle Flor de Cactus #8
45340 San Isidro Mazatepec, JAL

artinfo [at]