French, English
Curators: one month, artists: 7 months
Paid by host:

For artists:

  • Research allowance: 3000 euros
  • Production costs: 3000 euros (on presentation of invoices)
  • Housing assistance under certain conditions
  • Search for specific and individualized funds
  • Providing a workshop and an equipped collective production platform

Artists can also benefit from the main workshops of the four sites of the European School of Art of Brittany (Brest-Lorient-Quimper-Rennes): resin, metalworking, woodworking, ceramic, serigraphy, photographic laboratory, video editing bench, etc.

For curators:

  • Research allowance: 1000 euros. All Charges and VAT Included
  • Transport from and to the usual place of residence (by air or train)
  • Providing accommodation
  • Providing a workspace with Internet connection
Application guidelines:
  • Portfolio with Curriculum Vitae: Exhibition catalogues can accompany the artistic portfolio. The videos must be visible on the Internet via Vimeo or other means.
  • Project for the development of artistic work
  • Covering letter
  • Signed letter indicating the candidate’s availability for the entire program period, i.e. 7 months.
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Initiated by 40mcube and carried out jointly with the European School of Art of Brittany, in partnership with the company Self Signal, GENERATOR is a professional training for young visual artists and a residency for curators.

  • For artists: GENERATOR selects four visual artists each year, who have graduated for at least two years, and gives them the means to fully focus on their artistic practice for a period of seven months. They develop and deepen their research work, produce works, build their professional networks and acquire good practices (administrative, legal, social, etc.). GENERATOR offers individualized support, a studio, financing and privileged meetings with contemporary art professionals in France and abroad.
  • For curators: GENERATOR selects two to four curators each year for a one-month prospecting trip in Brittany. They meet artists and professionals who live there and write one or two texts on the work of the artists in the program. GENERATOR offers each of them a workspace, funding and privileged meetings with contemporary art professionals in Brittany.

Exhibition, workshops with students, lectures, editing of exhibitions etc.

Technical Information

Each artist will have access to specialised studios including specialist areas such as: resin, metalwork, woodwork, ceramics, printmaking, photography laboratory, video and sound editing.


GENERATOR is based in Rennes, a university town which offers to artists and curators an ideal workplace to develop research.

Contact information

48 avenue Sergent Maginot
35000 Rennes

generator [at]