AiR road trip Brabant

November 2019 AiR Platform Brabant organized a road trip to generate more insight how workplaces, spaces for presentation and artist-in-residence programs work together. Read all about it here.

Network meeting

Nov 15, 2018 a meeting was initiated at Sundaymorning.ekwc in Oisterwijk to discuss the development of the network. Read the extensive report here (Dutch).

AiR meeting in Beers

July 6, 2016 AiR Platform NL joined a network meeting for AiR programs in Brabant, organized by BKKC (Center for arts and culture Brabant) and hosted by MIET air. Read more here.


AiR Platform Brabant

AiR Platform Brabant

AiR Platform Brabant is an initiative by artist-in-residence organizations in Brabant. With support of bkkc (Kunstloc) and AIR Platform NL, AiR Platform Brabant sets out to increase the visibility of Air programs in the Brabant region and improve the position of these organizations and the artists involved.

Artist-in-residence programs provide artists time, context and (inter)national connections in the development of new work and projects. A model for research and development in the arts, that is still not integrated in funding structures in the Netherlands. This was one of the issues discussed during the conference Working on the margins at bkkc in Tilburg, March 29, 2018. The program focus on AiR programs in Brabant, set within an international scope, moved however towards matters of reciprocity and the capacity to develop one's own position and course in organization and program.

In this line AIR Platform Brabant initiates an active sharing of experiences and expertise, generates visibility in the arts and instigates dialogue with municipalities, art institutions, funding partners and audiences within the context of the region of Brabant (province).

AiR Platform Brabant is an initiative by Witte Rook in Breda, De Fabriek and TAC in Eindhoven and VanGogh AIR in Zundert, in support of EKWC, Daglicht and Beeldenstorm, Leo XIII, Atlas initiatief, Baltan Laboratories, Annatopia/ de Boshut, Ecodorp Boekel and SeaFoundation.

More information at AiR Platform Brabant