TransCultural Exchange - Call for Participation

TransCultural Exchange - Call for Participation

Call for Participation in a Free, Virtual, International Art Exchange

The COVID-19 coronavirus seems to have brought a necessary slowdown, if not a downright halt to artistic and cultural gatherings, exchanges and cross-border productions. "Although we believe - and know from experience - that face-to-face interactions are the best way to experience artworks and encourage collaboration, for the moment we recognize that our usual approaches would be inappropriate. Therefore, we are proposing an alternative. Inspired by singers singing from the balconies in Italy, TransCultural Exchange is proposing a virtual, global art project with the aim of continuing to encourage international exchange among artists, showcasing works to new audiences and fostering dialog among peoples of different cultures - without anyone having to leave their homes."

TransCultural Exchange is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to foster a greater understanding of world cultures through high-quality art projects, cultural exchanges and educational programming, most notably, our International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts. TransCultural Exchange's three-decades of service in the field of cultural exchange, across various disciplines has resulted in a large and loyal global network, ensuring the success of its projects.

This project entitled "Hello World" works in the following way:

Artist Participation (Note: The Project has a limit on how many artists can participate)

  • Artist Participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Artist Participation is limited to 48 artists per submission type (.txt, .jpg, SoundCloud link, or Vimeo or YouTube link) for a total of 196 participants (the most generous count of countries in the world).
  • To ensure a wide geographic spread, the Project is also limited to only 10 artists per submission type, per a specific country. (Consequently, sculptors may want to consider a Vimeo or YouTube submission versus .jpg for their submissions. If we do not receive 48 submissions in a particular category, we will accept more submissions in another category or more than 10 from a specific country.)
  • Based on the information provided by each participant, TransCultural Exchange will categorize each submission by geographic location, submission type and genre.
  • Each participating artist also must contact and secure a venue that is willing to choose at least one International Set of Works to upload onto their webpage.

Venue Participation:

  • Venues can be a gallery, a community center, residency program, museum, cultural center, theater concert hall, etc.
  • Participating Venues' names, location and websites will be listed and linked on TransCultural Exchange's website's Project Portal as a thanks for their participation.
  • TransCultural Exhange will follow up with each venue contact, thanking them for participating and asking them to confirm their participation.
  • There is no limit to how many venues can participate in the Project.
  • Venues not contacted by an artist can still participate.

Project Presentation Days: From June 20, 2020 onwards, so that the Project feels like a concerted effort by artists around the world to lift people's spirits in this shuttered time. The hope is that this initial impact will build upon the balcony singers in Italy's efforts and continue to create a ripple effect of similarly inspired activities, until the moment when people throughout the world can once again safely enjoy the wondrous pleasures of real-life encounters. Project Art Works will be virtually presented on Participating Project Venues' websites and on TransCultural Exchange's dedicated webpage, where all participants and venues will be acknowledged. After May 22, 2020, Hello World will remain on TransCultural Exchange's website as an archive of the Project.

Deadline for applying is 20th May - you can find all the submission details on the website.

What to Expect from TransCultural Exchange:

  • TransCultural Exchange will tap into its 30 year-old global network of contacts to solicit art programming venues and artists to participate. (We also welcome all others' help in disseminating this call.)
  • TransCultural Exchange will process, categorize and post all the submissions and venues' participation on a dedicated portal on TransCultural Exchange's website.
  • All artists retain the copyright of their works and TransCultural Exchange will post language attesting that none of the works in the Project can be copied or used by any other party (aside from the participating venues for a one-time Project use) without the express permission of the creator of the work. Any third-party request of interest in an artist's work as a result of their participation in the Project will be directed to the Participant artist. Participation in Project shall not be considered an endorsement by TransCultural Exchange or any participating venue of any Participant's work.
  • TransCultural Exchange will promote and publicize the Project and Project Presentation Dates virtually, as a kind of collective solidary among the participants, signaling that a spirit of artistic exchange and support continues in the midst of this current pandemic.