Snehta Residency 2019

Snehta Residency 2019

Snehta is a non for profit organisation formed in 2012 in Athens with the purpose of bringing international artists and curators in contact with the Athenian art scene. Snehta aims to expand artistic activity and research in the city, fostering new relationships and collaborations internally but also beyond the borders of Athens and Greece. Snehta stands for the name of the City of Athens written in reverse. The title symbolically suggests that resident artists and curators are to rediscover Athens, and furthermore Greece, by translating and reading it reversely or alternatively. 

The Residency aims to create a dialogue with the social, material, aesthetic and architectural infrastructure of the city by taking into account the historical, psycho-geographical, contemporary and traditional factors that have formed it. Artists and curators alike are called to use the local dynamics and characteristics of the Athenian environment whilst bringing along their own interests and inclinations. Snehta is open to highly committed individuals who will demonstrate a genuine interest in the city’s current state, taking into account its current economical, social and cultural condition and its place on a global scale. 

They are looking for contemporary practitioners that will demonstrate a genuine interest in the social context of Athens and who can engage with it critically by challenging social norms and taboos. They are looking for creative practitioners who will be open to collaborate, work with other artists and curators. Snehta candidates should demonstrate an interest in the local community of Kypseli or more widely towards other communities based in the city. The organizers are interested in artists who are driven by a research-based and explorative approach, and who will engage playfully and creatively with the city. 

The project is research based and work made from this research can be shown in a group exhibition during their residency period. The Snehta Athens based curator will collaborate closely with the artists and will cocurate the final exhibition. The residency offers lodgings, a bedroom per artist and a studio per artist. There is an artist fee of 840 Euro per month plus a 100 Euro deposit. The fee covers also guidance and one-to-one support for the facilitation of each project, including the acquisition of various resources requested whether technical or otherwise. Artists must engage in a dialogue with the Snehta team to request assistance. Access to a wood workshop and a dark room. The organizers supply each artist with a tailored toolkit, which include sites of possible interest, maps, art supply shops and useful contacts. 

Resident artists are encouraged to have an open-studio and/ or an artist led talk event at the interim stage of their residency. The progress and work produced by each artist will be promoted on the residency website and social media platforms (Facebook/Instagram) and through their e-newsletter. They can support our artists with letters of recommendation for funding applications. 

The application deadline is the 28th October 2018. Please read carefully the guidelines before applying.