AiR at the Spatial Sound Institute

AiR at the Spatial Sound Institute

Artists, researchers and technical developers from a variety of disciplines are invited to apply for the Artist Residency Programme at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, Hungary. they currently accept proposals for residencies taking place in the period 1st of January - 31st of December 2020. The Artist Residency Programme seeks to engage projects that contribute to the development of an Ecology of Listening: bringing about deeper awareness of our internal and external environments by listening more attentively. The aspiration with the programme is to establish sound spaces that manifest as a dimension in our societies - spaces where our deeper needs for expression and reflection are attended to and established privileges are challenged.

The programme prioritises innovative proposals that explore new ideas in sonic thinking and experiencing  - as well as the development of experimental methodologies and technologies that seek to bring new perspectives to the field of spatial sound. The Spatial Sound Institute welcomes applications by professionals from various disciplines that consider creation and research of sound vital to their personal development and professional practice. No prior experience of music production or work with spatial sound environments is strictly necessary.
The programme offers broad possibilities for participants at any stage in their artistic or scientific career – from established authors up to those at the beginning of a deeper personal exploration of sound, as well as students. Co-operation and peer-education among participants of various origins, backgrounds and interests is an important source of inspiration for participants and vital dimension of the Artist Residency Programme. Selection of proposals will be formed with compatibility of interests and backgrounds of participants taken into consideration.

Applicants are advised to carefully consider their professional background and aspirations in the context of the key areas of study of the Spatial Sound Institute. A detailed description of each of these key areas can be found here:

The facilities of the Spatial Sound Institute include a large-scale spatial sound studio, project space and accommodation for up to ten artists at a time. The programme offers dedicated time working with a 4DSOUND system in conjunction with various control, monitoring and measuring devices, including:

  • 60-channel omnidirectional speaker configuration and vibro-acoustic floor
  • 4DSOUND processing and control software
  • Various software and hardware control interfaces
  • Various audio equipment for digital and analogue production, performance and recording.

Participants of the programme will be trained on how to work with the system throughout the residency, including regular lectures and one-on-one mentoring sessions by expert users of the 4DSOUND system. The residency is designed for artists to work on their proposed project in individual studio sessions, while receiving ongoing technical support and regular scheduled guidance on creative development and evaluation.
The residency culminates in a presentation of the project outcomes, which can take several forms, including but not limited to live performance, interactive installation, sound sculpture or workshops - as well as a publication, prototype product, methodology, instrument, interface or software module. The programme is also open for proposals that involve a curatorial project. The desired and appropriate way of presentation is mutually agreed upon by the participant and the Spatial Sound Institute, and may be subject of change due to progressive insight during the residency process.

During the residency, participants live and work at the Spatial Sound Institute, staying in comfortably furnished rooms with a shared living area. A collective daily lunch is provided as well as regular break-out opportunities into the city of Budapest. 

The costs for the Artist Residency at the Spatial Sound Institute are 1500 EUR p/week. This includes:

  • 25 hours of access to the 4DSOUND studio
  • Ongoing technical support and regular artistic guidance
  • Accommodation and half-board, consisting of daily 2-course vegan lunch, basic groceries, spring water, coffee and tea

Each participant selected for the Artist Residency Programme can apply for the Scholarship Programme of the Spatial Sound Institute. A Scholarship provides for a maximum of 40% matching funding to cover the costs for studio, technical facilities, professional assistance, accommodation and board, communication and documentation of the residency. The Scholarships require matching funding from other institutions or individually obtained support by the applicant. In conjunction to the Scholarship support, the Spatial Sound Institute can assist in mediating with other institutions, foundations and sponsors to match the required budget for the residency.

Please find all the details about the application process on their website. Proposals for the Artist Residency Programme 2019 must be submitted by June 30th 2019, 23:59PM Central European Time.