English, italian
1 week to 6 months
Paid by host 

Some residencies are fully funded including also a stipend for the artist, others are partially funded or unfunded. Please check each call for applications for details or contact them via email.

Paid by artist 

Some residencies are fully funded including also a stipend for the artist, others are partially funded or unfunded. Please check each call for applications for details or contact them via email.

Application guidelines 

Please check each single activity and call for application on the website. Applications are normally through an online procedure. For all residencies, English is required. A couple of weekly residential modules a year are conducted in Italian.


Deadlines variable, depending on the module

UNIDEE - University of Ideas

UNIDEE - University of Ideas



UNIDEE at Cittadellarte is changing. After 14 years as a residency programme, and a transitional 15th edition questioning the relevance of traditional residency schemes while testing out a new format, UNIDEE has evolved into a multifaceted platform, with a new educational programme based on interdisciplinary research, knowledge sharing and experience exchange, alongside a series of artists' residency projects.

UNIDEE - University of Ideas offers an educational artistic programme of weekly residential modules taking place both at Cittadellarte and at international academic partners' sites. An alternative to the traditional educational system, it works in synergy with international academies and public universities. It fosters processes of cross-pollination to investigate the relationship between art and public sphere, focusing on topics like social responsibility, urban transformation, participatory art practices, demopraxy, alternative models of local economic development, sustainability, etc.

Designed for artists, curators, students, social entrepreneurs, cultural project managers, etc., UNIDEE - University of Ideas' modules put forward a participatory learning experience in a small group setting, through practices, methodologies and tools apt at forging knowledge while fostering relational skills, socially responsible behaviours that value diversity, 'effective' horizontal thought processes, and the possibility to 'err', on a quest for new means of expression. The programme is conceived as a long term endeavour with the mission to be engaging continuously with civil society not only through dialogue and active participation, but also through the (re)localisation of those processes of symbolic identification on the side of the modules' and residencies' participants, in Biella as well as in their own original social contexts and groups.


Events at Cittadellarte such as exhibitions, conferences, performances, and workshops represent an integral part of the time spent at UNIDEE.

Accommodation Information 

Private, single room boarding and shared bathroom facilities.

Studio Information 

Depending on the residency format, please enquire via email.


Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto, a non-profit organisation of social utility, was instituted in 1998 as a concrete action of the Progetto Arte Manifesto, in which the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto proposed a new role for the artist: that of placing art in direct interaction with all the areas of human activity informing society. The name Cittadellarte incorporates two meanings: that of the citadel or rather an area where art is protected and well defended, and that of the city, which corresponds to the idea of openness and interrelational complexities with the world. Cittadellarte is a laboratory, a generator of creative energy that fosters processes of development across a diversity of fields: culture, production, economics and politics. Through its activities, Cittadellarte pursues a basic objective: to take artistic interventions into every sector of civil society, to contribute responsibly and profitably while addressing the profound changes of the present time.

Cittadellarte is structured organically according to a cellular system with a main nucleus separating into different nuclei, defined Uffizi (Art, Education, Ecology, Economy, Politics, Spirituality, Production, Work, Communication, Architecture, Fashion and Nourishment). Each office carries out its own activity addressing specific areas of the social system, with the aim to produce a responsible transformation of global society, starting from the locality.

About Biella: Cittadellarte is located within the grade listed premises of the former Trombetta Wool Mill, a testimony of Biella’s past as one of the first European hubs within the textile industry. Biella is a city of almost 50,000 inhabitants, located at 30 km from Ivrea, 75 Km from Turin, 85 km from Aosta, 100 km from Milan and 160 Km from Genoa. Biella is known for its textile industry, the beauty of its nature (it is located at the foot of the Alps), its rice fields, for its flora and fauna, for its water springs and as a pilgrimage destination.

Via Serralunga, 27
13900 Biella BI
+39 015 0991 462
+39 (0)159555165

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