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UMAM Documentation and Research

UMAM Documentation and Research

The Hangar


The Hangar is an independent platform that facilitates debate and exchange through art and culture, part of UMAM Documentation and Research. It seeks to stimulate reflection on past individual and collective memories of Lebanon by promoting artistic and cultural practices related to the use of archives The Hangar in its very built form as well as mission is an extension of UMAM efforts to come to terms with Lebanon’s war-torn past. The artist in residence program is aimed at its neighbouring community, as well in support of research, culture, and multidisciplinary endeavours in Lebanon. They extend resources to artists through production grants and residencies, supports the local community by offering a daily meeting point; and invites all of Lebanon’s citizens to participate in a cultural space where debate over memories of Lebanon’s past can thrive.

UMAM Documentation and Research has dedicated considerable resources to archiving Lebanon’s past—collecting, preserving, and publicly promoting a diverse range of historical evidence and artefacts. UMAM D&R seeks out a diverse array of material, including books, periodicals, journals, political propaganda, private business records maps, electronic databases, academic research papers, transcribed speeches, everyday street signs and graffiti, names and photos of those who went missing during the civil war, guest logs and employee diaries from landmark Beirut hotels, oral testimonies of war perpetrators and victims, as well as film reels stored in abandoned studios throughout the country.  

*Due to the security situation in Dahiyeh (Beirut's southern suburb), the Hangar has been placed on hold temporarily. For further information and requesting the library & collection accessibility, please send them email ([email protected]).


Residents can use diverse archives to produce their work, which The Hangar puts on public display.


Located in the popular southern suburbs of Beirut in a building that was build as a hangar in the mid-1950s.

Haret Hreik next to Al Mahdy Mosque
Beirut 11/5222
+ 961 1 553 604

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