3 to 12 weeks
Paid by host 

$625/week honorarium. Occasional meals, transportation to/from the airport, and access to a car for local transportation with a valid driver's license are provided.

Paid by artist 

Artist covers all residency-related costs out of the honorarium provided.

Application guidelines 

Applications are received via the SlideRoom online portal which has detailed application instructions. Applicants will receive a confirmation email once their application has been submitted and received. Applicants will be asked to provide a(n):

  • Application form (including an artist statement, bio, work proposal, and the names of 3 references)
  • CV
  • Portfolio of work samples created within the last four years:

Maximum 20 images (up to 5MB each) in JPEG format
Maximum 3 video submissions (up to 250MB each) or 3 links (YouTube or Vimeo)
Maximum 5 audio submissions (up to 30MB each) or 5 links (YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud)
Maximum 3 samples of writing in pdf (up to 20 pages each and up to 10MB each)

  • Non-refundable application fee paid through SlideRoom: $25. 100% of this fee goes towards the cost of the SlideRoom platform and an honorarium for the guest panelist(s).

Tusen Takk Foundation

Tusen Takk Foundation

2021 Tusen Takk Residency


Tusen Takk’s ethos is rooted in caring for the individual artist through time spent at the residency and through sustained engagement with the Foundation’s audiences and network of museum curators, gallerists, critics, and patrons. The Foundation’s website serves as a hub for current and alumni artists to share their personal reflections about the creative process, their chosen fields, and their work with the public. In these ways Tusen Takk nourishes both the creation of art and a dynamic conversation about making the intangible tangible.

“Tusen Takk” means “thousand thanks” in Norwegian and is often used to convey appreciation for something received, like a wonderful dinner or a helping hand. It’s with this same sense of gratitude and grace that the Tusen Takk Foundation was founded - in thankfulness for the transcendent truth and intangible joy that artists, writers, and composers give back to the world in their work.

Tusen Takk’s three to twelve week residencies are geared for accomplished artists to explore new ideas or expand current work that affirms and enriches the human spirit, giving form to chaos and perception to beauty. A residency at Tusen Takk is a time to create; it’s also a time for artists to consider how their work engages with the history of its medium and how it intersects with existential questions of meaning and purpose.

Tusen Takk was designed to host one resident, or two in collaboration. The single most important qualification for artists invited to Tusen Takk is that they have created a body of work that exemplifies excellence. They seek applications from artists whose work has significantly contributed to their artistic field or is poised to do so. Tusen Takk welcomes applications from both emerging and established visual artists in photography, printmaking, sculpture, painting, fiber arts, as well as writers and composers. Artists must be self-motivated so they can be productive in the isolation afforded by a residency. They must also be open to sharing insights with audiences about their work and processes.

  • In fulfillment of Tusen Takk’s mission, artists are highly encouraged to engage with the regional arts community when in residence. The context and form of this engagement opportunity are very flexible and can be coordinated with Tusen Takk staff either before or during the residency. Possibilities include an invitation-only workshop, studio visit, or talk; or a public presentation or performance in collaboration with one of the Foundation’s partner organizations. Tusen Takk welcomes proposals from the artist about engagement ideas they might like to try during their residency there.
  • Artists should be willing to share their work, processes, and experience with audiences through Tusen Takk’s website, social channels, and printed publications.
  • In collaboration with the Director, Geoffrey Peckham, artists are asked to donate one work to the Foundation’s collection. Artists are also encouraged to leave behind a book as a contribution to the Foundation’s library for future residents.
Accommodation Information 

Private accommodations are available to the artist-in-residence in Tusen Takk's Guesthouse outfitted with two bedrooms, one full bath, two half-baths and a living room/dining room/full kitchen area.

Studio Information 

Tusen Takk welcomes applications from both emerging and established visual artists in photography, printmaking, sculpture, painting, fiber arts, as well as writers and composers. There are a total of six private studios all accessible 24/7 to the artist(s). The Foundation library is available 24/7, as well as the Founder's photography collection and library of 700+ volumes (on a variety of art media as well as a selection of literature and philosophy titles) by appointment.

Technical Information 

Highlights of the studios include: a fully equipped digital photography studio and analogue darkroom for making the finest photographic prints, an etching studio for printmaking (including photogravure), a wonderful 63” Glimakra Swedish floor loom, and a painting studio able to accommodate making large works.


Located on an isolated peninsula in Northwest Michigan, the Tusen Takk Guesthouse and Studios provide artists an inspiring architectural space to both intensely focus on their work and pause to reflect on past and future directions. Leelanau County, Michigan and Tusen Takk’s 6-acre site in particular have a singular beauty about them. Lake Michigan dominates the landscape: an inland sea whose character changes daily, often hourly. At times it’s a raging ocean whose waves crash against the shore with rapidity that borders on insanity. At other times its surface is perfectly still, resembling a sheet of glass. The temperature of the Lake moderates the summer’s heat and the winter’s cold. Temperatures rarely exceed 85F or fall below 20F, making a perfect climate for growing apples and cherries. Local farmers rightly boast about how this region is the largest producer of tart cherries in the United States. The springtime beauty of blossoming cherry trees covering rolling hillsides is unforgettable.

The unique beauty of Tusen Takk goes beyond its pristine natural setting, or rather, combines it with a different beauty, the kind that stems from the human creative process. Designed by world-renown architect Peter Bohlin, Tusen Takk's functions coexist with the feelings the founders wanted the spaces to evoke. The result is a masterpiece of attached spaces that use form and materials to connect people to their surroundings. Residing at Tusen Takk is an experience akin to living and working in a three-dimensional artwork, a huge sculpture where color, surface textures, and light joyfully intersect.

5560 Leland Woods Drive
Leland, MI 49654
United States

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