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Accommodation, studios, some food, commonly used materials, discounts at local businesses.

Tomma Rum

Tomma Rum

Empty spaces


Tomma Rum (Empty Spaces) is an artist-run project active since 2003. Back then, Swedish artists discovered that many municipalities had a vast amount of empty, unused properties, especially during the summer months.
Every summer Tomma Rum team visits a new district in Sweden and with the collaboration of local authorities and/or NGOs, they open a space for creative activity. Around 12 artists live and work together at the residency. The center of gravity of Tomma Rum is the networking among its participants and the interaction with the local community visited.

Accommodation Information 

The accommodation consists of a school's classrooms, transformed into dorms. The 12 participants share households and occasionally cook together.

Fogdevagen 74, lgh 1003
12841 Bagarmossen
+46 730 30 89 98

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