Czech, English
2 months
Paid by host 

Studio PRÁM covers rent of the atelier.

Paid by artist 

Transport, material and his/her personal expenses.

Application guidelines 

Email the following to [email protected]:

  • intended residency project (1800 characters)
  • artist’s portfolio in pdf
  • artist’s CV (date of birth, nationality, education, participation in exhibitions and art projects)
  • contact information (first and last name, address, email)
  • relevant websites


There will not be any open call for 2021

Studio PRÁM

Studio PRÁM


The PRÁM Studio gathers 12 graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Given the unique space of the building, they aim to extend the range of their activities to services and cultural events for the public benefit. Their studios, sanitary facilities and a multifunctional hall are located in the suburban area of Prague-Vysočany, in the building of a former laundry which has undergone a delicate reconstruction, retaining its industrial style. They took the building over from the Trafačka civic association, and continue its tradition of cultural activities, with organizing various cultural events ranging from exhibitions, concerts, conferences, screenings to alternative festivals.

Their mission is to create a place for international encounters, creation of authentic art and alternative education. They want to support independent artists and raise awareness of contemporary cultural activities and wish to build a space of synergy where people enrich each other through dialogue of art and society.


Exhibition and/or performance.

Accommodation Information 
  • Private atelier for working (living is possible in the atelier).
  • Kitchen: shared
  • Sanitary facilities: shared, with a washing machine
  • Workshops: equipped carpentry and locksmith workshops
Studio Information 

One studio for visiting artists.

Technical Information 

Carpentry and a locksmith workrooms.

Čerpadlová 536/4
19000 Prague
Czech Republic
+420 730 576 699

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Update my listing

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