Visual Arts Curating
English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese
4 to 24 weeks
Paid by artist 
  • $ 700 per month for ceramic residency: includes air conditioned accommodation, 900 sq studio space, 2 firings per month, clay, glazes , helper and a fully furnished kitchen. The artist will have to cover their own food and travel expenses.
  • $ 500 per month for painting residency h\which includes : accommodation, painting studio , basic art material ( colors, canvas, paper, brushes) furnished apartment and kitchen. The artist will have to cover their own food and travel expenses.
Application guidelines 

Artists will need to send 5 - 10 images of their work, a brief statement and a proposal for the residency period. Any artist in the relevant field can apply. Sincerity and viability of then proposal is the criteria; the organizers hope to collaborate and come across proposals which are varied in nature. The selection is made by a core team of 5 persons from the creative field.



Studio Dragonfly

Studio Dragonfly

Ceramic and painting residency


Studio Dragonfly wishes to support cultural exchange and collaborative ventures; as well as allowing an artist time to spend reviewing his or her practice. The members of the core team are practicing artists themselves and understand the need of an artist to take time out periodically to enrich ones own practice. This residency hopes to provide that conducive space.

The artist is free to use the residency time the way he or she wishes, as long as the resources are not abused. The residency is situated in the cultural city of Baroda, which has over 1000 practicing artists residing there. The city has art college, galleries and community art studios.


The organizers do not expect the artist to have a specific outcome, unless he or she is spending more than 6 weeks at the residency. Even then, what they hope is that there will be interaction with local artists, some presentations and optimum use of the resources provided. They will be happy to organise an open studio or an exhibition/ show if the proposal requires in case of a longer residency period.

Accommodation Information 

They provide rooms on sharing and individual basis and can host small groups and the artists' partner / spouse at additional cost.

Studio Information 

They can provide ceramic residency as well as painting residency. Writers are encouraged to apply as well.

  • The ceramic residency has a fully equipped studio with furnace, helper and all the material needed for working in clay. 3 artists can comfortable work in the ceramic studio.
  • The painting studio is also a well lit space located in a peaceful place, with all basic art material provided. The painting studio can accommodate 1 artist at a time and 2 artists if they are a couple who do not mind sharing the space.
Kalali road
Baroda Gujarat 390012

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