1-3 months
Paid by host 

They provide accommodation, studio space, some materials (negotiable), and if residents have work authorization in the US, a $200/month stipend.

Paid by artist 

Artists are responsible for travel cost, living expenses (food and stuff), and some materials (negotiable).

Application guidelines 

Artists submit a 2-page application -1 page of basic bio/statement stuff, and 1 page of specific project proposal.

Spokane Interactive Arts

Spokane Interactive Arts



Laboratory's mission is to support the development of interactive art as a fine arts medium. The program is focused on interactive art, and they look for artists interested in making work that interacts with the viewer and the environment in various ways.

They offer 3 tracks at Laboratory, although they're more 'guidelines on what sorts of activities are supported':

Production track - Make something awesome. You've got an idea for a project, and they'll give you the time, space, and tools to make it happen, and organize a show at the end.

Research track - You want to add knowledge to the world. Maybe there's a question you have about to make better interactive work, or you want to publish a paper, or make a new tool. They'll help you with all that, and you'll probably give a talk or do a demo at the end.

Learning track - You want to learn a new technique. You've got some of the basics down, but maybe you want to spend some time learning the Kinect, or how to really use stepper motors, or machine learning, etc. Theyll help you figure that stuff out, and you'll probably have some sort of project-based-learning sort of project to show at the end.


It is expected from the artists to have work in some form to show towards the end of their residency period.

Accommodation Information 

Artists will have their own bedroom in a 2-bedroom apartment, with shared kitchen space.

Studio Information 

There are 2 small shared studio spaces, although a majority of residents tend to work in the main areas of the apartments. The studios support lots of digital art, with some light fabrication/basic woodworking as well.

The tools are geared towards digital/technology arts, with lots of projectors, electronics, sensors, computers, VR rigs, etc. They also have basic construction tools, and through partnerships, they have access to a variety of light manufacturing equipment, such as CNC mills, laser cutters, and 3d printers.

The organizers, generally, do their best to find space and resources for projects, so they encourage people to apply and if they think it's awesome, they'll make it work.

228 W. Sprague Ave.
Unit 1
Spokane, WA 99201
United States

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