Music Sound art Visual Arts
Spanish, English
March 9 to March 22, 2020
Paid by host 
  • A fee of 1,500 euros, to which applicable taxes and withholdings apply and which includes maintenance fees.
  • Round-trip air ticket (up to a maximum of 1,000 euros).
  • Accommodation by Medialab Prado in the apartments located at its headquarters.
  • A maximum of 500 euros, to be allocated towards materials for the production and development of the project and managed by the staff of Medialab Prado. 
Paid by artist 

The organization suggests that selected participants cover their own health and travel insurance costs. In addition, please be advised about any visa requirements necessary for entry into Spain, depending on your nationality.

Application guidelines 

Participants must complete and submit the form on the Medialab Prado website. Interested parties should provide the following information:

  • A brief synopsis outlining the trajectory of the project and its development, as well as a plan of work for the course of the residency period;
  • Curriculum Vitae and a dossier of previous works. If the files, videos, images and/or demos exceed the size specified in the visual platform, participants should submit a link(s) to the site(s) where the content is hosted. 



Collaborative audiovisual production residency at Medialab Prado HQ


In conjunction with the 11th edition of the IN-SONORA art exhibition, Medialab Prado is proud to announce an open call directed at audiovisual artists, asking for their participation in a collaborative production residency at the Medialab Prado headquarters. The residency period will extend from March 9 to March 22, 2020, in the Medialab Prado Headquarters in Madrid. 

Medialab Prado is a public workspace centered on the production, research and dissemination of cultural projects that explore forms of experimentation and collaborative learning in the advent of digital networks. It is also owned by the City of Madrid’s Department of Culture and Sports. During the residency period, Medialab Prado will provide the resident with a bedroom and a workshop area for the development of their project, as well as provide access to the institution’s facilities and available tools.

Open call participants whose projects (textual, photographic or visual) are selected must have their works licensed under a creative license that allows Medialab Prado the right to publish them in any physical or digital format, within the maximum territorial and temporal boundaries of the law and in accordance with what they deem to be the best method for their distribution. Once the works have been selected and presented within the course of this exhibition, the artist is obliged to allow any other participating individuals to utilize their work as a basis for the development or performance of any other derivative works. Participation in this open call implies the absolute acceptance of all its aforementioned policies.

Agreement with selected participant:

  • Selected participants agree to the finalization of adequate documentation covering their proposed projects.
  • Selected participants agree to stay for three weeks between the dates indicated above.
  • Accepted projects must embrace and encourage the participation of other individuals or creative who may be interested in attending any open workshops.
  • Selected participants agree to lead the open workshops conducted for other registered participants.
  • Basic information regarding the projects, concerning both their processes and results, is to be recorded in the Medialab-Prado collaborative work platform 
  • The participant must keep his/her code in a public access repository, allowing for the reuse of their free license.
  • The organization agrees to encourage and support the use of free programs for the development of projects.
  • Once the residency period has concluded, participants agree to withdraw their materials within a maximum period of 15 days. After this period has passed, Medialab Prado reserves the right to do with them whatever it deems most convenient. 

Medialab Prado funds this program with the aim of stimulating creative production and the development of artistic projects and works that enable citizen participation and interdisciplinary collaboration. Candidates may choose to explore one of the following topics for their residency:

  • Experimental sound-based and audiovisual creative projects that use free and open forms of technology.
  • Audiovisual projects exploring the use of digital interaction and interfaces for creative purposes.
  • Projects developed for the Medialab Prado Digital Wall and/or La Cosa
Accommodation Information 

See Studio Information.

Studio Information 

During the residency period, Medialab Prado will provide the resident with a bedroom and a workshop area for the development of their project, as well as provide access to the institution’s facilities and available tools.

Calle de la Alameda 15
28014 Madrid Madrid

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