Visual Arts
Icelandic, English, German
1-3 months (self-directed); 3 weeks (thematic)
Paid by host 

Three residency grants are available in 2021 for Nordic and Baltic artists.

Paid by artist 

​Residency fee, travel costs, project expenses, and meals will be paid by the artist. The residency fee covers self-catering accommodation with combined living/working space, as well as general and PR support from Skaftfell staff. The fee varies according to the chosen type of residency:

  • Private residency: 105,000 ISK per month. Apartment with 2 bedrooms, 25m2 living/working space, for single use by the artist or by 2-3 artistic collaborators. Partners and children are welcome and stay for free.
  • Shared residency: 75,000 ISK per month per person. Private bedroom in a shared house with 2 bedrooms and either 2 separate work spaces (15m2 each) or 1 shared working space (25 m2). Shared with one other artist.
  • Research residency: 90,000 ISK per month. Small house with 1 bedroom and a sleeping loft, combined living/working space (15m2). For single use by the artist. Partners are welcome.
  • Group residency: 120,000 ISK per month per group (max. 4 collaborating artists). Accommodation in 2 shared bedrooms. With shared living/working space (25m2).
  • Thematic residencies: 160,000 - 180,000 ISK per person, depending on the residency's topic. Includes 3 weeks scheduled workshop program with lead artist, shared self-catering accommodation (private bedrooms), shared studio space, access to WiFi, basic materials and equipment, and general and project specific support from Skaftfell staff. 
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Aug 15-residency grants Nordic and Baltic artists; Sep 1-residency program 2021

Skaftfell Center for Visual Art

Skaftfell Center for Visual Art


The residency program at Skaftfell creates an environment for inspiration, focus, and experimentation. It allows artists to experience life and work in a unique community where creativity is applied to the everyday and offers conditions that enrich the dialogue between art and life. Almost 300 artists have come to Seyðisfjörður through the Skaftfell residency program since it started. Some have left a physical trace behind, or a trace in someone’s memory. Some have returned many times, and some have stayed for good. Skaftfell is far from the busy centers of contemporary art, and offers a refuge, a hiding place, and a thinking space for artists and other creative practitioners. We encourage artists in residence to embrace the idea of a slow residency, and to allow themselves time for contemplation, preparing the ground for a shift in their practices. The program is suited to visual artists, artists with interdisciplinary practices, curators and art writers. Skaftfell offers two types of artist residency: „self-directed“ and „thematic“.

Self-directed Residencies: The self-directed residencies are for individual artists and artistic collaborators. They offer quiet time and space for independent research, reflection, and experimentation. Artists are encouraged to use their stay for in-depth inquiries into their work processes and conceptual interests, to enjoy the magnificent nature of Skaftfell’s surroundings as a source of energy and inspiration, to share thoughts with other residency artists, and to work at the interface of art and life, embedded in a small but vibrant rural community. The program is best suited for visual artists, but artists with interdisciplinary practices, curators and art writers are also welcome to apply. The self-directed residency program hosts up to 4 artists at the same time, for 1–3 months within the winter, spring or autumn term. They encourage artists to stay for 2 months or longer, in order to get deeper into the place and their practice here. The program is closed in July and December.

Thematic Residencies: Skaftfell’s thematic residencies create platforms for exchange, discussion, and collaboration amongst fellow artists from various disciplines, who share a professional interest in the residency’s topic, both on a practical and a conceptual level, and who wish to deepen their knowledge and expertise. They are developed and led by experienced professional artists invited by Skaftfell. The thematic residencies offer a 3-week intensive program for 6-8 artists, including group workshops, presentations, individual working time, and professional advice and support according to the residency’s topic and structure.


Artists-in-residence have the opportunity to give an artist talk or a workshop, to participate in Skaftfell’s education program for school children if suited, and to present their work in an open studio if they wish. The thematic residencies typically conclude with a group exhibition of work in progress. Skaftfell's staff supports the artists by offering general and project specific advice in weekly meetings, by providing networking and PR support, and lending tools and equipment, within capacity.

Accommodation Information 

Artists-in-residence live and work in various historical houses throughout the town, all within short walking distance to Skaftfell and to each other. The houses are set up as private or shared self-catering accommodation.

Studio Information 

The residency houses contain a combined living and working space (15-25 m2). Additional working space can be arranged on an indvidual basis, within capacity.

Austurvegur 42
710 Seyðisfjörður
+354 4721632

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