English, ,Indonesian
1 week to 3 months
Paid by artist 

For day rates please contact: [email protected]

The price includes:

  • Room with double bed wardrobe and table, shared bathroom.
  • Shared usage of kitchen, studio space and garden.
  • Water, gas and electricity.
  • Bed sheets and towels.
  • Cleaner for private and common areas.
  • Pick up from the airport.
  • Introduction to the area.
  • Maps, service numbers and emergency contacts.
  • One of our staff will be available by telephone for questions for the duration of stay.
Application guidelines 

For further questions or application please email to
[email protected]

For the details of the Austrian residency program on


ongoing basis



Artist in residence program


Sewon Art Space has an special interest focus on the interplay between man and nature. Artworks dealing with this subject will be preferred. Subject areas may involve cooperation's with botanists, agriculture indoor and outdoor, plants and objects, Land art, integration of build and grown, man made and natural grown objects .

Sewon Art Space launches two residency programs:

  1. The Austrian residency program in cooperation with Sewon Art Space is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Culture, Arts and Education and is supported by the Austrian Embassy in Jakarta. Every year, two Austrian artists will live and work in the SewonArtSpace, Yogyakarta, for 3 months, starting 2012 on an individual basis.
  2. Individuals can apply for a residency with a minimum time of 1 week and maximum time of 3 months.

SewonArtSpace has no specific focus on art medium or specification on work subject. Although they do encourage the artists visiting to mediate on the theme of our house and program. Their programming will generate local and international interest; providing a comprehensive platform for the current contemporary community, and facilitate Indonesian, Austrian and European cultural dialogue.

Accommodation Information 

The rooms are furnished. The bathrooms have European standard toilets and hot water showers.

Studio Information 

The property includes 700m2 outdoor area as well as 300m2 indoor space with a 110 m2 studio and exhibitions room as well as a fully equipped kitchen and office area.


Bantul, South Yogyakarta, Indonesia about 10 minutes from the city center.

Pelem Sewu, RT 06, Pangguanharjo, Sewon, Bantul
Yogyakarta D.I. Yogyakarta
+62 274 389545

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