Hike (10 days, May 2013), Sessions (3 weeks, June/July 2013)
Paid by host 

Food is included in the residency fee.

Paid by artist 
  • Travel costs to the residency location
  • residency fee (2013): $120 for the hike, $450 for the 3-week sessions.
Application guidelines 

The SMT is now accepting applications for its Summer 2013 Program.  SMT’s mission is to create a unique environment where participants are able to develop a creative practice that challenges disciplinary conventions of art-making, thinking and living. 

SMT highly encourage not only artists to apply, but also academics, thinkers, scientists or anyone with a “creative practice.”

Please have a look at the SMT website for further information on how to apply.


The School of Making Thinking

The School of Making Thinking

Summer Residency Program


The School of Making Thinking (SMT) is a summer residency program where artists and academics think, create, and live together in a communal setting. SMT’s mission is to create a unique environment where participants are able to create original work that challenges disciplinary conventions of art-making and thinking.

The program asks: How does art deepen thought and provoke questioning? And how is thinking enacted through creative mediums? By bringing artists and academics together in an interdisciplinary space, SMT seeks to blur the line between these two conventionally distinct practices and to challenge the limits of each.

In many respects, SMT resembles a traditional residency program. It attracts artists and writers who wish to retreat into a rural setting and devote a significant amount of time to the development of creative work away from the habits, distractions, and obligations of everyday life.

However, the School of Making Thinking is unique in three important respects.  First, SMT participants hail from a far more diverse range of disciplines.  Alumni are botanists, dancers, playwrights, painters, poets, philosophers, fiction writers, audio documentarians, filmmakers, performance artists, and PhD candidates from English and American Studies departments.  Second, collaboration is an essential component of each participant’s project.  Third, SMT is a school in which participants teach and learn from one another.

The Summer 2013 program, which will be held in The Catskills (a mountain range a few hours from New York City), offers a variety of exciting options. Towards the end of May, SMT will be hosting an 8-day hike along The Long Path where “residents” will investigate projects best suited to mobility and nature.  SMT is also hosting two 3-week Sessions on 10-acre farm in Delhi, NY.  

  • The first of these sessions (June 10-July 1) will be unified around a common theme- “Nomadology & Being-Not-at-Home.”  
  • The second of these sessions (July 3-22) will be a structural experiment as SMT explicitly divides the session into periods of organized togetherness and non-structured periods best suited for an individual’s project development. 
Accommodation Information 

Shared bedroom (2 to 3 persons) in a large house. The exact location changes every year - please visit the SMT website to have further details on accommodation and meals.

Technical Information 

The School of Making Thinking provides its residents with basic working material - for any special requirements, please bring your own material or tools with you.


The Summer 2013 Program will be held along The Long Path (as you will undergo an 8 day hike) and on a 10 acre farm outside of Delhi, NY.

The SMT moves each year to a new location in the Catskills region, New York State, US.

catskill, NY
United States

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