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Application guidelines 

Decisions are based on the quality of the individual or team project or conference proposed, the importance of the proposed work to development and innovation in its field and discipline, the competence of the applicant(s), and the suitability of the Bellagio Center for the proposed activity. Individuals from outside North America are especially encouraged to apply. Those who have already applied and been declined are ineligible to reapply during the two succeeding years.

Competition administrator contacts:
[email protected] or phone: +212-984-5526
Complete information and the online application can be accessed at this link:


The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center

The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center


Bellagio creative arts residencies are for composers, novelists, journalists, playwrights, poets, video/filmmakers and visual artists. The Center typically offers one-month stays for no more than 3-5 individual artists at a time. Artists of significant achievement, from any country, are welcome to apply. Selections are based on: the quality of the proposed project, how innovative the project is and how likely it is to have broad impact or influence, the ability of the applicant to articulate the project’s purpose and goals, the professional qualifications and achievements of the applicant, and the feasibility and value of the Center for the proposed activity. In addition, reviewers will consider: the match between the project and the Foundation’s mission, personal qualities that are likely to make an applicant a contributing member of an international, interdisciplinary community—curiosity, breadth of interests, ability to honor other viewpoints and sensitivity to other cultures. Because the Center aims to host an international mix of residents, the geography and nationality of those invited may be taken into account. The application must be completed online in English and submitted by the published deadline. Applicants from developing countries who have trouble accessing our online form may contact the competition administrator’s office to discuss alternative ways to submit the application: [email protected] or phone: 212-984-5526.

Accommodation Information 

Each resident is provided with a private room, bath and work study/studio. There are 14 studies for residents, including one for a visual artist and one for a composer.

Technical Information 

High speed internet is provided free of charge.
The Center's small library has basic reference books but is not appropriate for anyone requiring a research facility.


Known also as the Villa Serbelloni, the Center occupies a wooded promontory in the foothills of the Italian Alps. The main house and seven other buildings, parts of which date back to the 17th century, are surrounded by 50 acres of park and gardens and provide a locale highly conducive to productivity and collaboration.

Via Garibaldi 8
22021 Bellagio CO
+1 212-984-5526

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