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1-6 months,preferably 2 or more;stipend artists min 3 months
Paid by host 

Stipend artists (2-4 in a year) get a room free of charge, some support for the material expenses against receipts and some assistance.

Paid by artist 

Other artists pay a small fee/rent. All artists pay travelling, art transporting and living costs (including food, house cleansers, print inks etc).

Application guidelines 

Online application form.



Application time is once a year in springtime (April) for the year ahead.

Raumars Artist-in-Residence Programme

Raumars Artist-in-Residence Programme


RaumArs functions with help from local art and cultural institutions, organizations and individuals. The purpose of RaumArs is to take art out of museums and galleries, and to work in a social/participatory context to create innovative links between people. RaumArs can host 1 to 4 artists (an artist accompanying a partner/groups/families) in Old Rauma.
During the residency participatory artists create artworks, projects or happenings with local people according to a project plan. Independently working artists/curators work themselves. In 1999 RaumArs became an independent association with the aim of bringing the art world and the community closer to each other.


Participatory / community / socially engaged art project realized with local people. Or independent working. RaumArs collaborates with schools, art institutions, museums, music and dance schools, widely different associations and festivals.
The project can be a research or be presented in the form of an exhibition / performance / education / workshop / event somewhere inside or outside, in an environment / cityscape during and at the end of the residency period. Exhibitions can not be guaranteed, because RaumArs does not have a space of it's own. Very often shows, performances or events happen in unconventional spaces. Please read about the old projects from their archive for an inspiration.

Accommodation Information 

RaumArs can host 1 to 4 artists or curators (an artist accompanying a partner/groups/families). The apartment locates in the heart of Rauma town in the Old Rauma. There are 3 rooms (two bedrooms and a lobby/working area) and a kitchen. You can be living alone, with your mate/partner or with other artists. Artist will take care of the apartment so that it stays in a good condition for the next artist to make herself/himself at home. Read more about the apartment and the fees here.

Studio Information 

No separate studio. Working facilities outside the apartment can be negotiated separately eg. for carpentery. Most often artists work with children at schools. Upstairs there is a lobby/working area.


Rauma town, west coast of Finland. Apartment in Unesco’s world heritage site Old Rauma.

Kuninkaankatu 37
c/o Rauma Art Museum
26100 Rauma
+358 50 3317465

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