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Pardimäe Lokaal

Pardimäe Lokaal


Pardimäe Lokaal is a place for professional and not so professional artists, who engage in performance arts, visual arts, music, film, literature, new media, new circus, theoretical and cultural production. For artists who want to invest in the development of modern art. The doors of Pardimäe Lokaal are open to everyone who's trying to find their place in the world, for those who don't want to rest in the comforting hands of giant traditional institutions. Pardimäe Lokaal offers to residencies:

  • The opportunity to fully concentrate on your work.
  • Critical feedback from the founders of the Pardimäe Lokaal.
  • An environment to develop your work, but not necessarily to finish it.
  • An opportunity to be alive and curious towards outside of the practical or theoretical situation. Bring water from the well, pick mushrooms, chop wood. All those activities in order to see better the connections between life and art.
  • If needed, also a hostess. A meal three times a day, car transport and heating the sauna.

This residency offers the possibility for total separation and concentration, getting away from the daily routine. For people who are not afraid of solitude, shoveling snow and breaking ice.

Accommodation Information 

Accommodation in a log house, where are 2 rooms and a big kitchen. There is an outside toilet, a sauna, a shed and a basement. A regular farm complex, where all the rooms can be used by residents. You have to come and go by yourself.

Separately there is a sauna where you have to carry the water yourself. You have to heat the house yourself, but we have the wood and the cellar is full of food. When driving is not possible (winter), old Swedish skis are also waiting for you. The local shop is 2 km away.

Studio Information 

The studio (open from May to October) is 7 x 14m wide/deep and is 5m high. An empty room with wooden floor.

MTÜ Pardimäe Lokaal, reg. nr. 80331030
Kanguristi village
44006 Viru-Nigula Lääne-Virumaa
+372 5111 594

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