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15 days in December - March, or April - August, depending on
Paid by artist 

Paradise is a private center. The fee of accommodation for two weeks is 300 Euro (rate for 2016).

Application guidelines 

Artists wishing to inspire or create and display their works in nature are invited to submit their requests, previous work history and proposals for this project by e-mail. The director of "Paradise"  will choose applicants based on their previous work experience and proposed project for this site. Download the application form on the Residency website.



Paradise International Art Center

Paradise International Art Center

Paradise in Polour (Northern Iran) & Paradise Center in Hormoz


A resident center for international environmental artists who wish to inspire or create and display their works in nature. So far some festivals took place in Polour and many environmental works performed and created in this village. 'Paradise' is also a permanent gallery and an international center. This cente invites artists to create and display their works in Iran. One of the main goals of this center is to create peace and harmony between humans and nature. It also creates an arena and allows these activities to have an international impact on the art scene. In a country which there is no other Residential Center, Paradise provides a platform where artists can collaborate, develop ideas and gain shared insights and different approach to making art.

Since 2009, Paradise offers another residential location for the winter, on Hormoz Island. The residency on Hormow Island takes place between December and March, whereas the residency in Polour takes place from April or June to August.

Details about the residency on Hormoz Island: http://www.riverart.net/hormoz/persian_gulf/index.htm. Phone numer in Hormoz: +98 07635323187

Details about the residency in Polour: http://www.riverart.net/paradise/. Phone numer in Polour: +98 01143342142

"Been everywhere, seen everything": Rolina Nell tells about her experiences in residence, among which a stay in Teheran in 2007. Read her report here.

Studio Information 

Residency in Polour: the International artists who came in summer time stayed in the little villa, and realized your environmental art in the nature of Iran or collected material to create art pieces in their homelands. Artist will experience to live with Iranian families, society, and traditional food.

Residency on Hormoz Island: resident artists cna stay in their center to realize your environmental art in the nature and landscape of Iran. You can also experience living with Iranian families, take part in the local cultural and society, and enjoy traditional food.


Residency in Polour: this garden is situated in the north of Iran- Tehran (65th kilometer of Haraz- Amol Road).

Residency in Hormoz, a small  Island in the Persian Gulf. The building is also a permanent gallery showing works by select environmental artist.

Shahid Saheb Zamani 94
Sad Dastgah. Pirozist.
TEHRAN 17657
+98 9112482177

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