Norwegian, English
2 or 3 months
Paid by host 

The programme at NKD includes a monthly grant of NOK 9.000, as well as covered travel expenses up to NOK 5.500.

Paid by artist 

Supplies and food.


Nordic Artists' Centre Dale

Nordic Artists' Centre Dale

Nordisk Kunstnarster Dale - NDK


Nordisk kunstnarsenter Dalsåsen (NKD) is an Artist-in-Residence center funded by Norwegian Ministry Of Culture. Nordic Artists' Centre Dalsåsen is situated in the village of Dale, the administrative center of the Fjaler municipality on the West Coast of Norway.

NKD is a foundation inspired by the vision of Oddleif Fagerheim and his wife Thora Nitter Fagerheim, who donated their house and land to the Nordic Council of Ministers in 1976.
Nordisk kunstnarsenter Dalsåsen was officially opened in May 1998.

NKD is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and concentrates on residencies, workshops and projects. The Artists-In-Residence programme encourages international contacts for artists and focuses on visual arts including design, architecture and locally rooted practice.

Accommodation Information 

The centre has five houses of various sizes for the selected artists. The largest residence (91m²) has 3 bedrooms, two houses (67 m²) have 2 bedrooms and two have one bedroom (56 m²). The houses have bathroom, bedroom, combined kitchen and living room and are fully equipped. Wireless internet is provided.

Studio Information 

It has has five private residencies offered to selected artists, as well as five studios, each 50 m².

Technical Information 

Wood workshop, internet.


The centre is located on a hill in the village of Dale in Fjaler municipality on the western coast of Norway. It is a rural area. The closest airport is Førde airport Bringeland, approximately 40 minutes drive from Dale.

N-6963 Dale i Sunnfjord
+47 577 36 200

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