1-3 months
Application guidelines 

Please contact the residency coordinator for more information about the application process and the residency fee.



MOMENTUM Worldwide

MOMENTUM Worldwide

Research Residency - time-based art


MOMENTUM is a project space, an exhibition and education program, collection, public archive, residency, public art initiative and a network active worldwide. The long-term goals of MOMENTUM are: building audiences, building knowledge, supporting artists and artistic innovation, bringing to Berlin work by international artists that would not otherwise have been seen, and ensuring a local and international audience for exceptional Berlin-based artists. With a non-exclusive and non-elitist view, MOMENTUM targets a broad audience. Making parallels between art and the visual languages of other media with which all audiences are familiar, MOMENTUM targets both those who are interested in contemporary art, and those who may not yet know that they are. MOMENTUM’s mission is to enable the best quality art from Berlin and from around the world to inspire the greatest number of people, irrespective of cultural, economic, or social difference.

The Residency Program is geared to further the enquiry into the nature and relevance of time-based art. By inviting artists who work in a variety of time-based media, they aim to facilitate the discussion on and exploration of continuously shifting notions regarding the significance of time-based art. In this sense, the MOMENTUM Residency is a space for intrinsically artistic research, unconstrained by the type of parameters and regulations that academia tends to transpose onto the artistic field. Its focus is thereby not extra-academic, but rather to bridge what is considered a conflictive and unfortunate gap between theory and practice.

On the basis of this ambition, MOMENTUM has opted to offer a process-based Residency, wherein artists have the space to determine their method and work-plan as motivated by the demands of their research, rather than by any deadlines or other external pressure to render artistic results. MOMENTUM commits to facilitate this by offering its artists-in-residence both a focussed and diversified approach. Focussed by the demarcation of its scope to issues regarding time-based art, thereby offering artists the possibility to focus their efforts on this crucial aspect of their practice and diversified by its openness in inviting artists working in a variety of media and by its devotion to assist its artists with a broad variety of means in pursuing their specific interests within this field.

Besides an online platform that makes both its Collection and AiR-archive accessible to the public, MOMENTUM aims to pursue collaborations with universities, art academies and other cultural and academic institutions in order to maintain lively exchange and discussion.


The outcome is arranged on a case-by-case basis. There is the possibility to do an artist talk, Kunst Salon, an exhibition, a workshop or another event. However as they offer a Research Residency, they do not expected from the artist to do any of these events, a focus purely on research and the artist's practice is also very welcome.

Accommodation Information 

3 rooms in an spacious apartment in a convenient area of Berlin. Large room with ensuite bathroom and regular rooms with shared bathroom available. The apartment has a living room, kitchen with everything you need, a balcony and an extensive library on film, classic to modern literature and contemporary art.

Studio Information 

In the residency program a studio is not included, if there is a need for a studio, the additional costs have to be covered by the artist.

Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin

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